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Fanlore Advanced Editors are experienced editors who have special editing privileges. They are authorized to move and delete pages on Fanlore. Advanced Editors are not official Fanlore volunteers.

What Does Being an Advanced Editor Involve?

Advanced Editorship is a tier of editing rights a little above regular editorship, which awards some additional editing privileges. Advanced Editors are not considered to be official Fanlore volunteers (unlike Gardeners) and there are no formal duties or requirements attached to the role. However, they can use their editing privileges to help make the wiki a fun and inclusive place to edit.

In particular:

  • Advanced Editors have the power to move pages, which can involve fixing typos or mistakes in the name of a page, or moving a page to a new name that is agreed upon by the Fanlore community. Pages should only be moved if there is a good reason and/or a consensus around moving them. This editing privilege does not give Advanced Editors the right to move pages around without good reason or rename pages without some prior discussion.
  • Advanced Editors have the power to delete pages, which can be used to remove pages they might have created by mistake, or pages that have been otherwise marked for deletion. They must not delete pages for any other reason.
  • Fanlore users may lose their Advanced Editor status if they misuse these privileges, or otherwise fail to abide by Fanlore's editorial procedures or Ethical Standards for Community & Content.

Advanced Editors who would like to take a more active role in the running of the wiki, and have a voice in the development of Fanlore and Fanlore policy, are welcome to apply for Gardener status.

How to become an Advanced Editor

Any Fanlore editor can request to become an Advanced Editor by contacting the Fanlore committee. Requests are granted or denied based on the editor's edit history. The applicant's edit history should show substantial contributions to Fanlore to show that they are committed to the wiki and will not misuse their Advanced Editor privileges through hostile editing or deceptive practices.

If the request is granted, new Advanced Editors have two weeks to complete the move and delete page tutorial. This is to make sure that Advanced Editors know how to use their new editing rights correctly. If the tutorial is not completed within two weeks, Advanced Editor rights are revoked, but there are no further consequences.

If the request is denied, applicants will usually receive feedback from the Fanlore committee on what they could do to meet the criteria. They have the option to reapply at a later timepoint.

Yearly Follow-up and Loss of Advanced Editor rights

Advanced Editors will be asked once a year to complete a short poll to affirm that they are still interested in maintaining their status. Editors who do not answer the poll or are no longer interested in being an Advanced Editor will have their status removed.

Advanced Editor rights can be revoked at any time at the discretion of the Fanlore team if they are not used in accordance with Fanlore policies.

Want to Become an Advanced Editor?

Contact the Fanlore committee! Just send us a short message with your Fanlore user name.