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OTW Committee
Committee Name: Fanlore Committee
Organization: Organization for Transformative Works
Date(s): 2008 - Present
Focus: Maintaining and promoting the Fanlore wiki
Committee Roles:
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The Fanlore Committee is one of the committees involved in the Organization for Transformative Works, and is responsible for maintaining and promoting the Fanlore wiki.

The OTW website describes its role:

Maintains the Fanlore wiki. This includes supporting Fanlore wiki editors, as well as establishing a flexible infrastructure to define and organize the wiki’s content.[1]

Committee History

In late 2016, Priscilla Del Cima replaced Tiyire and jsparc as chair. At this time, the committee was renamed from the Wiki Committee to the Fanlore Committee, and Fanlore gardeners became official OTW volunteers. Priscilla remained a Fanlore chair until February 2019.

In late 2017, the Fanlore Committee created the new Advanced Editor role for active editors who have special privileges on the wiki—namely, the ability to move and delete pages. Unlike gardeners, advanced editors are not official OTW volunteers, and there are no formal duties or requirements attached to the role.

The Fanlore Committee created and recruited for a new graphic designer volunteer role in October 2017. Graphic designers' responsibilities include designing graphics to help with Fanlore outreach and promotion as well as contributing ideas and initiatives to increase Fanlore’s social media presence and outreach, especially ways that graphics can be used to promote Fanlore.

Rebecca Sentance became a co-chair of the Fanlore Committee in November 2017. Kate Flanagan became a co-chair in September 2018 and stepped down in August 2019.

In early 2020, the Fanlore Committee created two new distinct volunteer roles: Social Media & Outreach and Policy & Admin. Social Media & Outreach volunteers make plans for how best to promote Fanlore and help it reach new potential users, working closely with Fanlore’s graphic designers. They are responsible for planning and running Fanlore’s editing challenges, maintaining Fanlore’s social media channels, and think of ways to reach out to and engage with new corners of fandom. Meanwhile, Policy & Admin volunteers are responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the Fanlore wiki, working closely with Fanlore gardeners to resolve conflicts and respond to questions and complaints. They help shape Fanlore policies and guidelines, maintain policy-related documentation, and make and communicate decisions about Fanlore policy violations.

History of Chairs

  • 2010: Meri
  • 2011: aethel & Rachel
  • 2012: aethel
  • 2013 - 2014: Tiyire
  • 2015: sparc and Tiyire
  • October 2016 - October 2017: Priscilla Del Cima (acting)
  • November 2017 - August 2018: Priscilla Del Cima (acting) & Rebecca Sentance
  • September 2018 - January 2019: Priscilla Del Cima (acting) & Rebecca Sentance & Kate Flanagan
  • February 2019 - July 2019: Rebecca Sentance & Kate Flanagan
  • August 2019 - August 2023: Rebecca Sentance
  • September 2023 - present: Noah A & Joanna Pernick

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