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Synonyms: fan lore
See also: fanon, fanfic, headcanon, worldbuilding, Fanlore (wiki)
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Fanlore is a fannish term with a meaning similar to fanon (if developed by or agreed upon by many fans) or headcanon (if developed by one fan). As of 2020, it is currently in use in some parts of fandom on twitter. It may be more prevalent in gaming communities, where "fan lore" is differentiated from the "official lore" put out by the game developer.

Example from Monster Girl Encyclopedia Wiki:

The following page contains all of our fanlore (World lore and information pertaining to MGE that was put together by users). Please note that none of the below is to be considered canon to the MGE world as it is a fan creation and not sanctioned by the franchise author, "Kenkou Cross".... For authors: If you have fanlore you wanted added to this category, simple add the "Fanlore" category (Case sensitive) to your blog post. Remember, do not add a "Fanfiction" category to your post as the two are different types of work.[1]


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