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Name/s: Jenn, jsparc
Fandom/s: Harry Potter, Bandom, House, M.D., Doctor Who, looots of others
You can find me at: livejournal / dreamwidth
On Fanlore: My contributions / email me

Hello! My name is Jenn. There are lots of Jenns, so you can call me sparc :).

I have been a Fanlore editor since August 2010, a gardener since July 2012. For a while I was on the Fanlore Committee.

My Abridged Fandom History

I found fandom by Googling Harry Potter sometime around 2002. At first, I stuck mostly to discussion forums and resisted reading fanfiction, but then I found FictionAlley and never looked back. I was monofannish for several years, until I drifted to fandoms like Bandom and House, M.D. around 2005/2006. Since then, I have been in and out of many different fandoms, but I've always considered Harry Potter to be my One True Fandom.

My To-Do List

General to-do links: