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Name/s: Jenn, jsparc
Fandom/s: Harry Potter, lots of others
You can find me at:
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Hello! My name is Jenn. There are lots of Jenns, so I often go by sparc :).

I have been a Fanlore editor since August 2010 and a gardener since July 2012. For a while I was on the Fanlore Committee.

My Abridged Fandom History

I found fandom by Googling Harry Potter sometime around 2002. At first, I stuck mostly to discussion forums and resisted reading fanfiction, but then I found FictionAlley and never looked back. I was monofannish for several years, until I drifted to fandoms like Bandom and House, M.D. around 2005/2006. Since then, I have been in and out of many different fandoms, but I've always considered Harry Potter to be my One True Fandom.

Fanlore Bingo 2021

Add missing information to an infobox on any page

[ done! ]
Add an internal link Add to your user page
Add a new section to a page Add an extra line to a stub page

[ done! ]
Leave your thoughts on a Talk page and sign your comment with ~~~~
Add alt text to any image Add to a bullet point list Add an external link

[ done! ]

Create a redirect to a page from an alternate name, spelling or capitalization

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Add an link to an orphaned page

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Vote on a Featured Article nomination
Say hello on a user's talk page Add a category to a page or image

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Add a reference to a page that is missing citations
Add an image gallery Add a quotation to a page and reference it

[ done! ]
Add content to a section marked 'needs expansion'

My To-Do List

General to-do links: