The Strange Case of Starship Iris

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Name: The Strange Case of Starship Iris
Abbreviation(s): TSCOSI
Creator: Jessica Best
Date(s): 2017-
Medium: podcast
Country of Origin: United States
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The Strange Case of Starship Iris is a science fiction podcast created by Jessica Best. Its first season began airing in January 2017 and concluded in March 2019. A between-seasons 'mini-episode' aired in March 2020. The second season began in January 2021 and concluded in July. A third and final season was confirmed in July 2021.[1]


Tropes & Fanon


While most ships in the fandom are small due to the fandom's overall small size, fans have created fanworks and headcanons for a variety of ships, both canon and fanon.

Example Fanworks


  • feel my heart against yours (orphaned) Summary: After the crew sits down for some moonshine, Violet gets a little tipsy. - The first work to be published for The Strange Case of Starship Iris on AO3. Violet/Arkady (2017)
  • A Ring and a Plan by Ehlana. Partial summary: (Almost a year before the crew of the Rumor meets Violet Liu, Captain Tripathi and Arkady make a drop-off while Brian and Krejjh discuss their relationship. Or try to, anyway.) - An early fanfic and the earliest Brian/Krejjh work for the fandom. Brian/Krejjh (2017)
  • fly towards a secret sky by blommowitch. Summary: The Rumor was docked in a safe port, the captain had reported that the washing machine would be fixed within a couple of hours, the afternoon sun was shining, and there was a smell of cilantro in the breeze. Arkady Patel was having a good day indeed. “Arkady, look at this!” Violet shouted from across the market. And the company wasn’t bad either. Violet/Arkady (2018)
  • if that red string could bite by jaggedwolf. Summary: It was one of those rare times Arkady felt a little optimistic - the nanobots were dealt with, the Rumor was back on its regular routes and there was no sign of the next threat. Then the goose showed up. - Yuletide fic featuring the Soulmate Goose of Enforcement trope. Violet/Arkady (2018)
  • 'cause i don't want you like a best friend by earlymorningechoes. Summary: Violet joins Sana on a quiet market run when they find a safe port, and makes a purchase that gets under Arkady’s skin. Violet/Arkady pre-relationship (2018)
  • Rather Be by knightinbrightfeathers. Summary: Five times Violet misses her life on the Iris, and one time she doesn't. Canon-adjacent season 1 fic; Brian/Krejjh and Violet/Arkady. (2018)
  • Good For Morale by enchantedsleeper. Summary: After a daring escape from the IGR, the crew of the Rumor is en route to Telemachus. Sana is preoccupied over an impending reconciliation with Campbell, trying to navigate their suddenly strained relationship, and understand her own feelings towards her old friend. It would help if she could stop walking in on her crewmates making use of the hammock in the mess hall. - The earliest Sana/Campbell fic, canon-divergent due to being written prior to Season 1 episode 10. Sana/Campbell (2019)
  • The Smuggler's Guide To Breaking In A New Ship by jaggedwolf. Summary: It’s a long way from New Jupiter. - Post-season 1 fic, background Violet/Arkady. (2019)
  • All The Numbers Between Zero And One by vachtar. Summary: A few weeks after the events of New Jupiter, Park and McCabe go on a stakeout. - Post-season 1 fic, background Park/Sana (2020)
  • Document "Betrayal of the enemy" ID number 12492804 Archived Under Edict 1837 Priority 7 (A.K.A McCabe Writes Fanfiction) by the_official_account. Summary: McCabe writes Sh'Th Hremreh fanction. The crew is thrilled. "A/N: I know we can’t watch together without risking optimal reaction efficiency and possible spoilers, so I have written how my guess on how the coming episode might go for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy." (2021)
  • galaxies of my heart by ghostsquidswrites. Summary: Everything is going to be fine. Arkady's out of commission for two months, but she's had worse, right? She's fine. She's not going to get annoyed at Violet for being sentimental. She's not going to let the pain get to her. She's definitely not going to freak out. Everything is going to be fine. Violet/Arkady (2021)

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