June Bloom

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(—or, as we like to call it, "How does this not have a Fanlore page yet?!" Month!)[1]
Event: June Bloom
Participants: Fanlore
Date(s): 2015 - hopefully present?
Fandom: multifandom
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June bloom banner.png
Want to know how you can participate in June Bloom?

June Bloom is an annual month-long challenge/festival devoted to creating new pages on Fanlore.

It was first held in 2015.

For other Fanlore challenges/festivals, see the International Fanworks Day Fanlore Challenge, April Showers of Fannish History, the Fanlore Bingo Challenge, and Stub September.

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  • Week 1 (1-7 June): Your Current Fandom
  • Week 2 (8-14 June): Your First Fandom
  • Week 3 (15-21 June): BrOTPs and OTPs
  • Week 4 (22-28 June): Fans
  • Week 5 (29-30 June): Free Days


  • Theme 1 (6-12 June): Fandoms
  • Theme 2 (13-19 June): Characters & Relationships
  • Theme 3 (20-26 June): Fanworks


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