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(—or, as we like to call it, "How does this not have a Fanlore page yet?!" Month!)[1]

Event: June Bloom
Participants: Fanlore
Date(s): 2015-2016
Fandom: multifandom
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June bloom banner.png

June Bloom is an annual month-long challenge/festival devoted to creating new pages on Fanlore.

It was first held in 2015,[2] and run again in 2016, but has not been held on the wiki since. In 2019 a new challenge, the Fanlore Bingo Challenge, was run in June.

From the post about the inaugural June Bloom challenge on Dreamwidth:

Have you ever searched for something on Fanlore only to come up empty? Have the words "How does this not have a Fanlore page yet?!" ever crossed your mind? Have you ever wanted to share something fandom related with your fellow fans?

If you answer YES to at least one of these questions then this month's challenge is for you!

Use June Bloom to start the pages you always wanted to see on Fanlore! Spread the love of your fandoms to others.

For other Fanlore challenges/festivals, see the International Fanworks Day Fanlore Challenge, April Showers of Fannish History, the Fanlore Bingo Challenge, and Stub September.


The first edition of the challenge was held in 2015 as a way to encourage editors to create the new pages they'd like to see on Fanlore. To help inspire Fanlore users, each week was given a different theme that editors could create pages around (with the final two days as a "free for all"). While new users to Fanlore are blocked from creating pages for four hours after account creation, they were encouraged to practice editing pages in preparation for being able to create new ones later on.

  • Week 1 (1-7 June): Your Current Fandom
  • Week 2 (8-14 June): Your First Fandom
  • Week 3 (15-21 June): BrOTPs and OTPs
  • Week 4 (22-28 June): Fans
  • Week 5 (29-30 June): Free Days



June Bloom was re-run in 2016[1] with a similar format to 2015, with a different page creation theme for each week, and posts with tips and ideas posted to Fanlore's Dreamwidth Community. However, only three weeks were given a theme in 2016, with no theme announced for the final four days of the month.

  • Theme 1 (6-12 June): Fandoms
  • Theme 2 (13-19 June): Characters & Relationships
  • Theme 3 (20-26 June): Fanworks


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