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The Fanlore Bingo Challenge is a two-week-long event run on Fanlore. It is open to new and experienced editors alike, and everyone is encouraged to take part! Read on for more information about the Bingo Challenge, and how to participate.

About the Fanlore Bingo Challenge

The Fanlore Bingo Challenge is an annual two-week challenge taking place in the first two weeks of June. Any Fanlore visitors and editors, new and old alike, are invited to participate.

In 2023, Fanlore Bingo will be taking place from Monday 5th June until Sunday 18th June.

Challenges are presented on 3x3 bingo cards, with each square containing a different editing challenge. Complete the editing tasks, achieve Bingo! or even Blackout, and win some of our awesome fruit & veg badges (designed by the talented hheyhalley!) to show off and display on your User page.

There are both Beginner and Expert level challenges for newbie editors and seasoned pros.

Happy editing!

How To Take Part

2019 Bingo Challenge Example Badge

If you're new to Fanlore, please create an account first.

  • As an anti-spam precaution, you'll need to wait 4 hours before you can create any pages on Fanlore, including your own User page (where you'll be adding the template for your Bingo card). However, you can still edit Fanlore while you wait, so this is a good chance to poke around and try out some editing! You can check out our Editing pages Help page for some tips on how to edit. We also have a handy Editing Cheatsheet with some common types of formatting that you can bookmark and refer back to.
  • If you have any issues with making your account or getting it up and running, please get in touch and we will lend a helping hand.

To show that you're taking part, copy and paste the template code for the bingo card(s) of your choosing onto your user page (this can be done in either 'Edit' or 'Edit source' mode):

You can fill out one or both of the cards to your heart's content. Feel free to remove the Bingo cards from your user page after the event is over!

2020 Bingo Challenge Example Badge

You can complete Bingo challenge tasks on any Fanlore page - they don't have to be for a specific fandom. The page for each Bingo card has a 'Task Instructions' section with more details on how to complete each square's task; the instructions also contain links to Help pages where you can find more information. You can also leave questions on the Talk page for each Bingo card (accessed by selecting the tab labelled 'Talk' on the top left of the page) if you have any, or email us with questions!

Once you've made an edit that fulfils a task, add a short summary of the edit, or even a link to the edit if you prefer, next to the = sign on the relevant line of the template. For example:

userpage = Added a list of my fandoms to my user page!
needs-expansion = Expanded the Fan Reactions section of The Hobbit (film series) page

The bingo card square that corresponds to your edit will automatically be filled in. Any information you add to this line won't be displayed on the card, but it will be visible when you edit your user page. (Please note that only edits made between June 6 and June 19 are eligible for the challenge, though we give a bit of leeway in both directions due to timezones).

Once you've completed a Bingo! (3 squares in a row - vertically, horizontally, or diagonally), you win a badge! If you go the extra step and complete a Blackout! (complete all 9 challenges on a card), you win an extra badge!

  • You can complete both the Beginner and Expert level cards to win all the badges - and there might even be a hidden final badge for editors who can achieve Blackout across both cards...

Have fun!

Adding Badges To Your User Page

During the challenge, Fanlore volunteers will be monitoring the challenge to see who has achieved Bingo! and Blackout! on their cards. They will add the relevant badge to your Talk page once you qualify.

To get to your Talk page, select "Talk" at the top of the screen on the desktop version of the site. On mobile, use the hamburger menu (which looks like three lines) in the top left corner, and select your username from the bottom of the menu. There will be a link you can select to take you to your talk page, labelled "Talk to [your username]".

To add the badge to your User page, edit your Talk page, and you'll see the image code for your badge, which looks something like this:


Copy that code, and paste it with the two square brackets (those are important!) wherever you like on your user page. You can also adjust the 200px number up or down to change the size of your badge.

For example, the code above will display as:


If you'd like to display your badges somewhere other than Fanlore, you can easily do that, too! Just right-click on the image (or long press on mobile) and either copy the link address or save it to your device, to be used anywhere you like.