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This template is designed for use in the Fanlore Bingo Challenge. Please refer to the Bingo Challenge Help page for more information and instructions on how to take part!

Beginner Bingo Card

Copy and paste the below code onto your User Page to get your Bingo Card. As you go along, fill in the space next to each = with a link to or summary of the edit you made to complete that square, and the square will display as completed. Get Bingo (three squares in a row) or Blackout (all squares completed) to win a badge! Refer to Task Instructions for more details on what the task for each square involves.

To get the Expert Bingo Card template, check out Template:Fanlore Expert Bingo 2024.

{{Fanlore Beginner Bingo 2024
| bullet-list =
| stub = 
| internal-link =

| infobox = 
| user-page = 
| thank-someone = 

| external-link = 
| talk-page = 
| alt-text = 

The Template

Add to a bullet point list Add an extra line to a stub page Add an internal link
Add missing information to an infobox on any page Add to your user page Thank someone for an edit
Add an external link Leave your thoughts on a Talk page and sign your comment with ~~~~ Add alt text to any image

Task Instructions

You can complete these tasks on any Fanlore page, regardless of the topic or fandom!

  • Add to a bullet point list: Bullet point lists (like this one!) are found all over Fanlore, e.g. lists of fanwork examples, lists of popular ships, lists of meta and further reading. Look out for any bullet point list, and add an item to it using * (item goes here)
  • Add an extra line to a stub page: A stub is the name given to a very short page of any kind on a wiki. Have a browse through our stub pages category to find any page that's flagged as a stub, and add another line of information to it. Job done!
  • Add an internal link: An internal link or wikilink is created by adding [[ ]] around any word to turn it into a link to another page, e.g. [[fanfiction]] (which will display as fanfiction). Adding internal links helps users browsing the wiki to get to other related pages. Try adding a new one on a page that you find! For more on internal linking, check out our Help page section on internal links.
  • Add missing information to an infobox on any page: An infobox or infobox template is a box located at the top right of a page in desktop view, or at the top on mobile, giving basic details about the subject of the page. When you edit a page, the infobox is usually found at the top, with fields like name=, owner=, dates= etc. Fill in any blank field(s) to complete this task.
  • Add to your user page: Your User page is a page all about you on Fanlore, like a profile page. You can edit it to contain any information you like about who you are, your fannish history and interests, pages you have edited on Fanlore, etc. Check out Help:User page for more on formatting your user page and what kind of things you can add to it.
Note: If you're new to Fanlore and don't have a user page yet, you can create one - your account just needs to be at least 4 hours old in order for you to create new pages. If you've only just created your account, you can come back to this task later, or wait until 4 hours have passed before making your user page.
  • Thank someone for an edit: You can thank someone for editing a page on desktop by going to that page clicking on "View History" and then clicking on "thank" next to a recent edit, it will ask you "Publicly send thanks?" and you will click "Thank". You can thank someone for editing a page on mobile by clicking the clock icon near the top of the page, finding a recent edit, click on it, then click the "Thank" button located towards the bottom of the screen.
  • Leave your thoughts on a Talk page and sign your comment with ~~~~: Talk pages are a special page type where editors discuss the content of a specific wiki page. Check out Help:Talk pages to learn more about these and how to use them, then find a Talk page discussion to add to (you can talk, on an article talk pages, say hello on any Fanlore user's Talk page, such as a Fanlore Gardener, or come by Help talk:Fanlore Bingo Challenge to meet the other participants this year. Or you can use your own!). Don't forget to leave your signature! Typing ~~~~ at the end will automatically sign your Fanlore username with a timestamp to show who the comment is from.
  • Add alt text to any image: Alt text, which is text that describes an image, is important to provide an alternative for an image for visually impaired users or in cases where the image doesn't load. More information about alt text can be found in the Alt Text section of our Accessibility Help page. Alt text can be added to an embedded image on Fanlore using alt= - here's an example of image code before and after adding alt text:


Before: [[File:LauraxCarmilla.png|300px]]

After: [[File:LauraxCarmilla.png|300px|alt="Banner with an illustration of Carmilla Karnstein and Laura Hollis from the webseries Carmilla, shown from the neck up, with a rose clasped in both of their mouths. The text reads 'Laura x Carmilla'."]]

If you have queries about any of the tasks for this challenge, leave a comment on this template's Talk page or the Bingo Challenge Talk page, or send a message to the Fanlore Committee!