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Name/s: Elfwreck, sometimes Elf
Fandom/s: Harry Potter, Star Trek (TOS, mostly), Vorkosigan saga, Darkover, Mercedes Lackey's works, Heinlein's works, Filk, Sci-fi conventions, Metafandom, anything really weird.
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I'm a gamer, filker, and sci-fi fan. I started playing Dungeons and Dragons in 1978, and started collecting Elfquest graphic novels in 1983. I attended my first science fiction convention in 1986, where I was introduced to filk in the form of "Banned from Argo."

I've played and collected many other role-playing games, including Champions, GURPS, Paranoia, Tunnels and Trolls, Star Frontiers, Boot Hill, and Runequest. GURPS is currently my favorite RPG, and I have a collection of over 75 sourcebooks for it.

I worked as a volunteer for several large SF Bay Area conventions in the 1980s: BayCon, TimeCon, and Silicon. I regret missing the Rule Six year of TimeCon. I volunteered for ConFrancisco, Worldcon in 1993, and helped arrange accessibility resources. I've also attended several smaller, themed conventions.

I joined LiveJournal in 2003 because of a post by my favorite RPG author, John Wick. I stopped updating my journal almost exactly 5 years later, in response to Strikethrough and the SUP buyout, but am still active on communities and still comments in others' journals; I've since moved my main activity to Dreamwidth.

I'm is a strong supporter of the OTW. In 2008, I converted the first issue of Transformative Works and Cultures to a printable PDF and made it available for download.