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Name: Fanexus
Dates: beta was planned for April 2020; bumped to September or October 2020
Type: social media
Fandom: Panfandom, Original Works
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Reactions and criticism

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Fanexus is an upcoming social media fandom and wiki. They hope to allow "whatever is legal"[1] regarding fanworks.

In March 2020, noting that beta release was delayed more than intended (possibly in part because of the COVID pandemic), they opened a Proboards Forum and related Discord server for the adult content.[2] Applications were vetted, not automatically approved, to avoid antis.

Fanexus is an upcoming social media platform with integrated wiki, that centers the needs of both fandoms and original creators, endeavoring to create an experience that maximizes the joy of connecting with people who share your passion, while minimizing toxicity. Fanexus is built by fans, for fans, on the following tenets:
  1. Put the needs of fandom and original creators front and center
  2. Organize and archive fan content to preserve it and make it easily accessible
  3. Promote variety and freedom of artistic expression
  4. Stand against bullying and foster a welcoming environment
  5. Support awareness of online dangers and encourage critical thinking
  6. Evolve in response to feedback

With a wiki integrated into a social media platform, fans and creators will be able to easily document new ideas as they evolve, by creating wiki pages for their fanon terminology, alternative universes, original characters, worldbuilding, and wholly original creations.

Fanexus seeks to combat the toxicity and bullying that has become especially virulent in fandom in recent years, with refined filtering, blocking and privacy features, and by penalizing bullies, including those who target people based on their preferred characters and ships.


In November 2020, one of the Fanexus volunteers left the organization. Puppy had been volunteering in the Public Relations role and after some interpersonal issues with mods on the server, they left of their own accord before being banned.

In the aftermath of this event, many screenshots from both sides were shared on Twitter. The mods of the Discord server then took some time to craft a statement in response to the event. That statement was posted in all of the Discord channels, including public ones. It was then also threaded on Twitter by a member of the server, with their own commentary. Twitter archive


  1. ^ Ideally we’d like a service provider that allows whatever is legal within the country that hosts., Tweet on Jan 12, 2020
  2. ^ The Fanexus beta is roughly a month away from completion, but in the meantime, we've created a forum Tweet on March 27, 2020