DC Comics: Bad at Math

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Fan Comic
Title: DC Comics: Bad at Math
Artist: David Willis
Date(s): 2011
First Published:
Medium: webcomic
Fandom: DC Comics
External Links: DC comics: Bad at math at Comic Vine
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DC Comics: Bad at Math is a comic strip originally hosted at Shortpacked. The one-page comic shows a young fan of the Teen Titans show whose favorite hero was the joyful and friendly Starfire. Years later, when DC heavily promotes their "New 52" reboot/retcon, that fan decides to try a comic book with her favorite character.

She discovers Starfire has become "an amnesiac, emotionally-detached sex prop who has no friends and doesn't enjoy things because enjoy things is super lame." The fan throws the comic book in the trash and will never pick one up again. The comic strip goes on to point out that the Teen Titans show had over 2 million viewers, whereas comic books rarely get as many as 100,000 readers - implying that alienating their female TV audience will destroy the resurgence they hoped to inspire.

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