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Name/s: spacegandalf, facingthenorthwind, dropbearemma
Fandom/s: Harry Potter, Zombies, Run!, due South, Animorphs, Class (2016), Doctor Who, Good Omens, Anne of Green Gables, Homestuck
You can find me at: AO3


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Hello, my name is Emma and I use she/they pronouns! I am a tag wrangler and I write lots of fic, mostly Harry Potter. My hobbies are making all your faves queer and Jewish.

Fannish History

I found fandom in early 2005, when I saw my cousin reading fic on I made an account and wrote a terrible fic which thankfully has been lost to time, and then joined various HPFF-adjacent forums through ~2009, at which point I dropped out of fandom probably due to depression. I re-entered fandom in 2012 with Zombies, Run! but returned to my forever home, Harry Potter, a few years later and here I still am.

I don't remember the circumstances of me finding/joining ao3, but I had a brief stint as a Translations coordinator in 2012 and then became a tag wrangler in September 2018. I wrangle way too many fandoms.

Current Favorites

Harry Potter: Wolfstar

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