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Welcome to Fanlore Project: SF Fandom! This project was created to add more of the history of Science Fiction Fandom, especially regarding how it relates to Media Fandom, and to identify tropes and other aspects of fannish history that arose from or continue in SF fandom.


This is a broad-range, sprawling topic. It covers a lot of history, and many current activities, along with the participants in those activities. However, it only indirectly relates to fanwork creation, including zines; while specific zines or other fanworks may be addressed, they're not the main focus. (However, the history of zine sales and suppression at mainstream SF conventions are definitely relevant.)





Create stubs with reckless abandon. You may create new categories when you have or expect to have at least ten pages that fit within it (and the category fits within the existing site structure). Category titles should be plural, even if the word/phrase used to add it is singular. (See Help:Categories.)

Check the Fandoms by Canon Type before creating new categories; some already exist but not by the name commonly used in SF fandom. The Fan Activities category may also contain relevant pages; make redirects as needed so that people looking for familiar terms can find them.

Upload book covers and movie poster images, preferably at smaller sizes: no more than 500 pixels wide or 1000 pixels tall. It's okay to do this even if the movie or book doesn't have a page, although it'd be better to at least create the stub with a link to the picture.

Lots of discussion on talk pages is welcome. (Discussion on main pages is not particularly discouraged; more activity is better than no activity.)

Things to Do

  • Add categories as appropriate: [[Category:Science Fiction Authors]]; [[Category:Pro Artists]]; [[Category: Science Fiction Movies]]; [[Category:Science Fiction Books]]; [[Category:Fan Clubs]], etc.
  • Add Convention pages, and add details to the existing ones: Date range, GoHs each year, known drama; other noteworthy events (like the ones related to Rule Six).
  • Expand pages of authors and other industry professionals known for interaction with fans. Are they pro-fanfic or not? Are they polite to fans? Do they attend conventions as fans or only as guests? Have they won fan-based awards (like the Hugos)?
  • Create/add to actor pages for those who are involved in SF fandom. (Almost the entire original Star Trek cast has a solid fan-related history; Supernatural and MCU actors are involved in fan activities; Orlando Jones is very supportive of fandom.)
  • Add pages for documentaries that discuss science fiction's influences on modern life.
  • Add pictures: book covers, screencaps (esp of scenes that had a strong fannish reaction), advertisements for conventions and fannish memorabilia.
  • page for the book Left Hand of Darkness
  • Humans are Weird (synonyms Space Australia, (Humans are) Space Orcs) is a trope that combines science fandom, science fiction fandom, and more general fandom storytelling norms.
I've seen it lots on Tumblr, and I just heard someone say there's lots on Pinterest.
Edit: I thought these were all names for the same trope, but there is already a stub on Fanlore for Space Australia, which categorizes it as a meme and lists Humans are Weird and Humans are Space Orcs as related memes/tropes.


We welcome everyone who wishes to improve SF Fandom articles. You don't need to formally join our project in order to contribute, but feel free to indicate your participation by adding your name to the list of members.

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