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Name: Orlando Jones
Also Known As: OJ, Trollando[1]
Occupation: actor, voice artist, Stand-up comedian, comedian
Medium: television
Works: Sleepy Hollow, Necessary Roughness, Pushing Daisies, New Amsterdam, American Gods
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Orlando Jones is a TV actor that has gained some extra fan attention due to his role as Captain Irving on Sleepy Hollow, and especially his many direct and positive interactions with fans. Examples include reblogging fan creations, making memes and setting the background of his blog to a photo manip of the main cast of the show.

Interactions with Fans

Via Twitter and Tumblr, Jones has interacted with fans on a regular basis, often asking questions about fandom or offering humorous, badly photoshopped graphics of himself. Some examples include:

-What’s the secret to success here (if there is such a thing)?
-Who’s doing it right and who has dropped the ball?
-What should shows do during their hiatus/off season to stay relevant and top of mind with the fandom?

And most importantly, how significant is the expectation that the writers/producers should make changes to the show specifically based on feedback from you guys?[2]
The post received over a hundred unique responses and over 900 notes within a month.[2]


Orlando Jones is sometimes shipped with Misha Collins, sometimes under the ship name "Cojones".[6]

Jones has indicated that he is a multishipper.[7] He has also explicitly discussed some of his favorite ships, including: Gillovny, Olicity, Westallen and Destiel.[8]

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