New Amsterdam

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Name: New Amsterdam
Abbreviation(s): NA
Creator: Allan Loeb and Christian Taylor
Date(s): March 4 – April 14, 2008
Medium: live-action TV series
Country of Origin: United States
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New Amsterdam is an fantasy drama police procedural Fox television series which aired for eight episodes in 2008. The series starred Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as the main character, "John Amsterdam".


John Amsterdam, real name Johann van der Zee, an immortal Dutch man born in 1607 and he cannot die until he falls in love with his One True Love. In his current life, he's a New York City homicide detective who spends a lot of time telling people (who don't believe him) that he's immortal.

Other cast members include:

  • Eva Marquez (Zuleikha Robinson): Amsterdam's new partner
  • Dr. Sara Millay Dillane (Alexie Gilmore): a St. Francis Hospital emergency room physician. John believes she to be his soulmate
  • Omar York (Stephen Henderson): owns a jazz club named Omar's: Bar–Grill, and is John's 65-year-old son with schoolteacher Lily Rae Brown
  • Detective Sergeant Callie Burnett (Susan Misner): Amsterdam and Marquez's boss


Fannish reaction to New Amsterdam was strong among those who had been fans of other shows featuring immortal characters. The fact that the show seemed to be completely unaware of the existence of these other shows (Highlander, Forever Knight, True Blood, etc.) seemed incredible to those watching, and the initial excitement over a possible new twist to immortal characters quickly faded, with many initial fans deciding to abandon the show. As a result, the fandom remained small. The show was cancelled in May 2008.


Fanfic for the show is rare. There is some fanfic posted on the NA Forever Fan Writing Forum, as well as a mostly dead NA fanfic LJ comm. Some works have been posted to Archive of Our Own and since the show has ended.

Connections with other Fandoms

The show would share several similarities with ABC's Forever new 2014 TV series, such as an immortal man and his goal to become mortal/die as well as an older son, working with the police force, etc. Despite the similarities, the series gained a full season compared to NA.

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