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Name: amsves
Alias(es): therewillbebeauty, spoonreacher
Type: fanfiction writer, moderator for a few fan challenges/weeks
Fandoms: too many to count
Communities: GabeNath Book Club and Art Club,
GabeNath Server 2: Adults Shipping Adults,
Fanlore for GabeNaths
URL: AO3, main blog, wiki side blog
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Amsves has been a part of fandom since 2012. She started on Tumblr, joined and then left FFnet, and now posts her writing on AO3. She has written fanfiction since she could write, and long before she knew that it was a thing people did.

Amsves helped run a few themed weeks: SparkAnt Week 2015, and Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens Week 2018. She also signed up for the 2020 GabeNath Reverse Bang as a writing pinch-hitter.

Notable Fanfiction

Log Horizon

Miraculous Ladybug

Teen Titans