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Discord Server
Name: GabeNath Book Club and Art Club
Date(s): (November 21, 2019 - present)
Server Owner: shadowmayura
Moderators: shadowmayura, retsukige, TheHopeElias, novatheastropirate, MTwirl, MaybeMayura, speckleflower, Starry_Sky12
Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Scope: GabeNath
fanfics, fanart, fanworks, meta, challenges
Access: Public
URL: Invite link
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The GabeNath Book Club and Art Club Discord server (originally known as just GabeNath Book Club) is a public server for fans of the GabeNath relationship from Miraculous Ladybug. The server was created on November 21, 2019 and is currently active.

Shadowmayura is the founder of the server. dishwater-blondie and retsukige were also original moderators. In July, dishwater-blondie stepped down, but she remains an active member of the server. The current mod team includes shadowmayura, retsukige, TheHopeElias, novatheastropirate, MTwirl, MaybeMayura, speckleflower, and Starry_Sky12.

The server currently has over 150 members, and it continues to grow.


  1. Complete the #welcome-checklist.
  2. Please keep discussion to the appropriate channels. Visit #channel-directory and read descriptions if you are unsure.
  3. Critique is NOT allowed unless specifically requested by the author, and only on the requested topic.
  4. The author has final say/control over channels related to their fics.
  5. No bullying, harassment, and other general unkindness. This applies to outside the server as well. If wind of it gets back to us, this will still earn a ban.
  6. Use common sense and be respectful.
  7. Report any issues and arguments to a @👸. Do not intervene yourself. Once a mod has been tagged, we ask that all members refrain from speaking in that channel until the issue has been resolved. Backseat modding is not allowed.
  8. Everyone has pronoun roles. If you are referring to someone in the server, please check that you are using the correct pronouns first!
  9. We love our wonderful discussions here, but sometimes they can distract us from engaging with the work itself. Please make sure to comment/leave kudos/like/reblog/etc. if you discuss a fic in here!
  10. Remember that this is a Gabenath server. Other topics are allowed, but please use restraint. Frequent discussions of other fandoms may lead to a warning.
  11. Be mindful of rants, drama, salt, etc. We want this to be a place of free conversation, but we also don't want it to be a downer.
  12. No venting or attention seeking behavior. If you have a pattern of being excessively negative, self-deprecating, or sharing TMI, we may ask for you to tone it down.
  13. When sharing fic, art, or posts, please share with a link to the original work.
  14. No politics or controversial topics please. Let's try to keep it lighthearted.
  15. When discussing spoilers of off-topic shows/movies/books etc., be mindful of others in the server. Give fair warning before starting the conversation. If asked to move to a relevant server or to DMs, please do so.
  16. If you need a break from the server, please mute it rather than leaving. Repeated reentry will be denied.
  17. Proxies for Club fics are not allowed, and we cannot allow another member to manage your fic. If you wish to have special channels for your fic, such as spoiler channels, you must manage them yourself. If an author of a Club fic is not part of the server, their links channel will automatically open up to all members for new chapter notifications, and any special channels will be deleted.
  18. No unauthorized advertisement. If you would like to promote your Discord server, please DM a @👸.
  19. All members must verify themselves by selecting roles in #role-selection. Failure to do so will result in removal from the server.

Spoiler Policy

  1. Spoilers must be kept to designated spoiler channels for one week after the first airing. Announcements will be made when spoilers are allowed in other channels.
  2. Spoiler channels are hidden. To gain access, visit #role-selection.
  3. You may post spoiler fics and art in general channels, but make sure you are using spoiler text ||using this format|| to cover any spoilers.
  4. Leaks and pre-episode spoilers are only permitted in spoiler channels with spoiler text.

Off-Topic Rules

  1. Any memes or images shared must relate to an already ongoing conversation. Random non-fandom memes and images will be treated as spam.
  2. Please try to limit mundane status updates and mindless chatter.
  3. kings-queens-and-inbetweens is not an alternative off-topic channel. Use it for selfies and achievements only.
  4. Squick warnings apply to this channel, as well, so please, if you see a conversation veering towards angsty or to any other channel topic, move it. Don’t wait for Mods to intervene.

There is nothing wrong with sharing memes or chatting casually, but this isn’t the space for it. We know that other servers exist for this purpose, so we ask that you help us keep this space dedicated towards the fandom and comfortable for all!


General Discussion

The server features a lot of general discussion, including shipping topics, general fandom topics, nsfw topics, and memes. There are also dedicated channels for angst, fluff and baby OCs.

Creative Discussion

The server features channels for creative inspiration, sprints, help, brainstorming, commissions info, artist stores, and resources for writers and artists. Prompts channels house hundreds of plot bunnies. There is also a channel with fashion inspiration.

In July, Writers' Workshops were implemented. This was later changed to a general events channel. In November, a server-wide fic collab was added, as well as a server invite image contest.

In-depth Fic Discussion

Perhaps one of the most unique aspects of the server are the categories designated for ongoing GabeNath fics. These categories include links and updates to the fics, discussion channels, spoiler channels for the authors to give sneak peaks, speculation channels, meme channels, fanart channels, and more! The emphasis on these fics increases engagement and helps the fandom grow.

Server Bonding

As most servers do, the GabeNath Book Club and Art Club includes an off-topic channel for general socializing. There are also streaming channels, voice chat channels, party rooms, and best of all, Cards Against Humanity channels with a custom server deck and seasonal packs.

Affiliated Events

In January 2020, the GabeNath Mini Bang was announced, which is officially partnered with the GabeNath Book Club and Art Club. The first cycle of the challenge completed in June 2020. Later in the month, the GabeNath Reverse Bang was announced, which will began in July 2020.

Unaffiliated Events

Sometimes unaffiliated events are featured on the server. In June 2020, the GabeNath Wedding Style Pile was shared to the Book Club and Art Club members. In October, a Halloween costume event was held, in which artists drew the characters dressed up for Halloween.