Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens Week

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Name: Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens Week;
Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens Week Reboot
Date(s): June 18, 2018--June 24, 2018;
July 1, 2019--July 7, 2019
Moderator(s): Amsves, eegghhh, hypermoyashi;
Type: fanweek, fanfiction, fanart
Fandom: Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens
Associated Community:
URL: Official Tumblr (2018);
Official Tumblr (2019)
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Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens Week was originally a 2018 fanweek described by the mods as "A fan-run event dedicated to our favorite baseball/hitman anime!"[1] After a moderately successful 2018 run, none of the three original mods resurrected the week for a 2019 reboot. In their place, sincerelysalty attempted to reboot the week, but with no new official content fan interest had dwindled, and the 2019 iteration was less successful.


Official Guidelines


We’ve decided to provide two prompts for each day, one themed around baseball, one around a flower. You can use one, or both; stray far from the prompt, or stick close to it.

  • Day 1: Strike [Daffodil, for new beginnings, eternal life, and unrequited love]
  • Day 2: Foul Ball [Purple Lilac, for first love]
  • Day 3: Double Play [White Heather, for protection; wishes will come true]
  • Day 4: Change Up [King Protea, for change and transformation]
  • Day 5: Fast Ball [Stacice, for remembrance, sympathy, and success]
  • Day 6: Home Run [Red Carnation, for love, pride, and admiration]
  • Day 7: Free Day

Remember, you can make this an art piece, video, graphic, fic, whatever you feel like! All submissions should be posted the day of the prompt, and tagged with #htrweek2018, so we can reblog it. Check the rules or send a message if you have any questions!


  • When is the event?
    • June 18 through June 24!
  • How can I participate?
    • Any way you want, so long as you follow the rules. All kinds of fan content are accepted and welcomed!
  • Do I have to follow the prompts?
    • Absolutely not! They’re there to inspire, not restrict.


  • Tag your gore/nsfw/triggers
  • Please place long fics under a [read more] cut
  • Do not post anything that you did not create yourself (i.e. no reposting)
  • Tag all work with #htrweek2018
  • Fanfics, fanart, graphics, amvs and any other content are all welcome! Create as much or as little as you want, as shippy or non-shippy as you want, and stick to or deviate from the prompts as much as you want. They’re there to inspire!
  • Spread the word! We want this to be a fun experience for everyone in the HTR fandom!

Official Submissions






Official Guidelines


The prompts that are gemstone-based!

  • Day 1: Agate (Protection)
  • Day 2: Ruby (Opening up/breaking barriers)
  • Day 3: Aquamarine (Relief of anxiety/fear)
  • Day 4: Prehnite (Remembering dreams)
  • Day 5: Sapphire (Inspiration)
  • Day 6: Tourmaline (Promote self-confidence)
  • Day 7: Garnet (Passionate devotion)

The prompts that are character interaction-based!

  • Day 1: Banba & Saruwatari or Yagi & Enokida
  • Day 2: Lin & Enokida or Jirou & José
  • Day 3: Jirou & Misaki or Saitou & Shigematsu
  • Day 4: Lin & Feilang or Banba & Jirou
  • Day 5: Saitou & Banba or Lin & Misaki
  • Day 6: Lin & Sayuri or Saitou & Yamato
  • Day 7: Saruwatari & Naoya or Genzou & Saeki

{NOTE: You may find that some of the character interaction pairs fit with the gemstone prompts. If you’re feeling up to it, combine them!}


  • Tag your NSFW/gore/triggers!
  • Please place long fics under a {read more} cut or &/or provide an AO3 link.
  • Do not post anything that you did not create yourself (Ex: no reposting!)
  • Tag all work with #HTRweek2019
  • Fanfics, fanart, graphics, AMVs, and any other content are all allowed. Create as much or as little as you want!
  • Spread the word! We want this to be a fun and eventful experience for everyone across the HTR fandom!