All Things Considered (fanfiction)

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Title: All Things Considered
Author(s): Amsves
Date(s): December 3, 2019–
Length: 14,212 (WIP)
Genre: het
Fandom: Log Horizon
External Links: AO3

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All Things Considered is a Shiroe/Akatsuki fanfiction written by Amsves, starting in December 2019. It is rated T for Teen And Up Audiences, with the archive warning No Archive Warnings Apply.

The fic is Canon Divergent starting at the beginning of season 2. Before Shiroe goes to Susukino to gather Silver Sword for the raid, he and Akatsuki meet with Li Gan to discuss how Shiroe might converse more discreetly with the guild members who will stay in Akihabara. Li Gan informs Shiroe that the easiest way would be for him and Akatsuki to get married, as married Adventurers can share inventory space (this is not canon to the Log Horizon universe).

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  • Marriage of Convenience, Marriage Proposal, Fluff, Awkwardness, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, listen guys they're in LOVE, Don’t copy to another site, Wedding Planning


  • Before Shiroe leaves on his quest for the Kunie's gold, he goes to Regan for advice. Specifically, he wants a way to communicate discretely with a member of his guild back home. Regan's solution isn't ... exactly what Shiroe had in mind, but hey. If it works, it works, right?
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