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Name: Cartoonishly
Also Known As:
Occupation: illustrator/animator
Medium: Video
Official Website(s): YouTube Channel

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Cartoonishly is the creator who creates animated clips for The X-Files and the Hitman computer game series. They joined YouTube on November 3rd, 2017[1].

From 2017 to 2021, Cartoonshly posted X-Files animations only, the first Hitman animation was posted on October 10th 2002.

Cartoonsihly gained a lot of exposure in the Hitman fan community when their art was featured in the official Hitman 3 Patch notes on May 7th 2021, which was posted by the official IO interactive Twitter account @IOInteractive, the deveopler and publisher company behind Hitman.[2]

The X-Files animations usually feature an audio-bit with dialogue from the show, where Mulder and Scully are animate in cartoon style with detailed facial expressions.

One animated lyrics video for Dominic Fike's song 3 Nights was also uploaded.

notable Fanworks

Hitman 3 be like, the YouTube channel's video with the most views currently has 160 K views as of April 30th 2013. The clip was shared, amongst others, to the Hitman subreddit /r/Hitman that currently has 155 K subscribers.