Maciej Cegłowski

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Name: Maciej Cegłowski
Also Known As: Pinboard Guy
Occupation: Web developer, speaker, entrepreneur
Works: Pinboard (founder)
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Maciej Cegłowski, aka Pinboard Guy, is the founder of the social bookmarking site Pinboard. He has become a popular and respected figure in fandom after demonstrating a willingness to listen to and cater to fans who used his website for bookmarking after the fall of Delicious in 2011.

He has published blog posts (The Fans Are All Right) and given talks (Fan is a Tool-Using Animal) about his journey from being dismissive of fandom to learning from fans and welcoming them with open arms.


Maciej has made an appearance as a character in at least one fanwork, When Bookmarks Were In Mustache Land, a stage play-style fanfic published to LiveJournal in 2011. It depicts the disastrous redesign of Delicious and fans' reactions to it, the migration to Pinboard, and the creation of the Pinboard feature requests document that fans assembled after Maciej asked them what they'd like to see on the site.