Madds Buckley

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Name: Madds Buckley
Also Known As:
Occupation: singer-songwriter
Medium: fan songs
Works: "The Red Means I Love You," "Brothers," "I'm Just Like You," and others
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Fan Website(s):
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Madds Buckley is a singer-songwriter known for writing songs based on a variety of anime/manga, video game, and book fandoms. She also creates non-fandom works.

Fandom Activity

As a Filker

Madds Buckley has written fan songs for a wide range of fandoms, including Six of Crows, Fullmetal Alchemist, Genshin Impact, and My Hero Academia. As of 2022, her My Hero Academia songs are her most popular, particularly "The Red Means I Love You," (about Himiko Toga) and "Brother" (about Dabi), both of which circulated widely outside of fannish spaces.[1] [2] Most of her full-length songs avoid mentions of names and scenarios specific to their source material and are available for purchase. She has also created several shorter works that are widely used as TikTok audios, notably a short song about the Spy x Family anime that is popular among cosplayers.[3]

In addition to posting her music online, Madds performs at conventions.[4]

As a Cover Artist

Madds also performs English covers of anime themes. Links to the lyrics of her English covers can be found here.