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Name: Leigh Bardugo
Also Known As: לי ברדוגו (Hebrew)
Occupation: writer
Medium: Books
Works: Grishaverse, Six of Crows, Shadow and Bone, King of Scars, Ninth House
Official Website(s): lbardugo at Instagram
Archived from 2012 to 2021
Fan Website(s): Leigh Bardugo Wikipedia Article
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Leigh Bardugo is an Israeli-American fantasy author and executive producer for two TV series adapted from her novels. She was raised by her grandparents in the United States, where she graduated with a degree in English from Yale University in the spring of 1997.[1] She was a member of the Wolf's Head secret society at Yale.[2]

Bardugo suffers of osteonecrosis and sometimes needs to use a cane; this was a source of inspiration for one of the for Kaz Brekker, a protagonist of Six of Crows, who uses a cane.[3]

Relationship with the fandom

Bardugo had a long term presence on social media where she interacted with fans at the time of the releases of Six of Crows, an example is Tumblr. She deactivated her account on June 17, 2021.

Bardugo is also a fan of Merlin, especially the main characters, Arthur and Merlin, as can be seen in the archived pages of her Tumblr account.[4] Before deactivating her Tumblr account, she also reblogged fan content for her work, promoted her book launches, and blogged about events like the 2015 San Diego Comic Con when she commissioned with kevinwada a series of artwork that fans consider to be official portraits of the characters from Six of Crows.[5]

Some Works

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