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Name: Octavia E. Butler
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Occupation: writer
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Octavia E. Butler was a science fiction writer.

Butler was a multiple recipient the Hugo Award (1984, 1985 ) and the Nebula Award (1984, 1999), as well as many other awards. In 1995, Butler became the first science-fiction writer to receive a MacArthur Fellowship.

Two of her most known books are "The Parable of the Sower" and "Kindred."

Butler claimed to have three loyal audiences: black readers, science-fiction fans, and feminists.[1]

Early Fannish Interaction: Sime~Gen

In 1979, when Butler was 22-years old, she wrote at least two letter of comments to Ambrov Zeor!, a Sime~Gen zine.

The zine's editors printed one letter in issue #4, but relegated Butler's letter in #8 to the WAHF section.

The first letter's contents included Butler's comment about Lichetenberg's book (she liked it mostly, but didn't like the creative cursing and the overly cute descriptions of characters and their interactions. Butler commented on a professional review in Kirkus for Lichtenberg's work, commented that Dune was her very favorite book. Butler also spoke of her hopes that "Kindred", her first book, saying it was going to be published in the next year and that she hoped this meant she didn't have to go back to a temp job of working in a hospital laundry. See more at A Companion in Zeor #4.

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