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Name: Agatha Christie novels
Creator: Agatha Christie
Date(s): 1920-1976
Medium: books
Country of Origin: Britain
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Agatha Christie is known for her crime novels, which epitomise the Golden Age of crimewriting, with house parties, butlers, vicars, and That Scene Where Everyone Gathers To Hear Whodunnit. They have been adapted countless times for film, television, theatre & radio, and have spawned countless imitations. Christie's life has also been the focus of several popular dramas exploring her eleven-day disappearance in 1926, most recently the Doctor Who episode, 'The Unicorn and the Wasp'.

The Books

Several of her series have a fannish following, including:

  • The Poirot novels are reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes, starring a finicky Belgian private detective (Hercule Poirot) whose 'little grey cells' are famous, a dim military sidekick (Captain Hastings) with an eye for the ladies, and a not-quite-so-dim Scotland Yard detective (Inspector Japp) prone to arresting the wrong suspect. There's also a sharp secretary to keep the men in order (Miss Lemon).
  • The Miss Marple series centres around an elderly spinster, Jane Marple, who loves knitting & gossip, and frequently beats Scotland Yard's finest to solving vicious crimes, which frequently remind her of events in village life
  • The Tommy and Tuppence series features a husband & wife duo of 'Bright Young Things'.
  • The Mysterious Mr Quin stories.
  • The novel And Then There Were None (and its multiple screen and stage adaptations).

The Fandom

Agatha Christie is a small fandom, generally considered to be rarelit, although much Poirot fan activity is based in the television series starring David Suchet. Poirot is the most popular series, and the Poirot & Marple series are both perennial requests at Yuletide. Hercule Poirot & Jane Marple often pop up in crossovers. Poirot fanworks are frequently Arthur Hastings/Hercule Poirot slash, while Miss Marple fanworks are usually gen, and the fandoms don't always overlap. There is also a small amount of fanfiction for other Agatha Christie works, including the Tommy and Tuppence series and the Mysterious Mr Quin stories.

Shipping and Ships

The prevalence of shipping in the Agatha Christie fandom depends on which fandom is approached. Arthur Hastings/Hercule Poirot is a popular slash ship in the Poirot fandom, while het and femslash ships tend to be much smaller in number there (although not non-existent). Shipping tends not to occur much in the Miss Marple fandom on AO3, but when it does it tends to be either canonic het pairings (such as Mary Durrant/Philip Durrant) or femslash (such as Honoria Lucasta Dowager Duchess of Denver/Jane Marple). In the Tommy and Tuppence universe, the het ship Tommy Beresford/Tuppence Beresford reigns supreme.

Example Fanworks


Miss Marple


Archives and Communities

The livejournal community agathachristie is a general community with mainly discussion & icons. poirot_fans contains discussion, fanfiction & fanart for Poirot. agathas_express focuses on the Poirot novel/film, Murder on the Orient Express. agatha_stills is an icon community. Fanfiction occasionally appears at rarelitslash, and discussion at vintage_crime. There are no Agatha Christie-specific archives.


Miss Marple

And Then There Were None


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