Arthur Hastings/Hercule Poirot

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Pairing: Arthur Hastings/Hercule Poirot
Alternative name(s): Poirot/Hastings
Gender category: Slash
Fandom: Poirot, Agatha Christie's Poirot
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: Common
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A cover designed by CeskaSoda, for the fic The Real Captain Hastings by Sue the Android.

Arthur Hastings/Hercule Poirot, more commonly known as Poirot/Hastings, is a slash pairing from the Poirot book series by Agatha Christie, and several Poirot films and TV shows, including the TV show Agatha Christie's Poirot starring David Suchet.


While the Poirot fandom is small, Poirot/Hastings is one of its most popular pairings. The fandom itself is a perennial request in the annual Yuletide gift exchange, with Poirot/Hastings being a common request.


  • The Real Captain Hastings by The Android
  • Death in the Diplomatic Service by austenfan1990 - When a young Arthur Hastings visits an old school friend in Belgium in 1913, he expects nothing more than a pleasant holiday. The holiday turns into tragedy with the sudden death of his friend's father, Sir William Bentley, British Ambassador to Belgium. Fearing a severing of diplomatic ties between the two countries, the Belgian government begs the police to put their best man onto the case: Hercule Poirot. As the investigation progresses, Hastings finds himself drawn to the detective's brilliant mind and personality not only on a professional level but also on an increasingly personal one...
  • A Terrible Spy by Cicerothewriter - Just when Hastings is about to consummate his new relationship with Poirot, everything goes wrong.
  • The Case at Bois-Sur-Le-Lac by indiegal85 - Poirot and Hastings are invited away to stay with an old friend of Captain Hastings at his chalet. However, their holiday is rudely interrupted when a murder takes place.
  • Mrs Stanwood's Birthday Party by Rebecca - Mrs Stanwood, famous medical researcher and an old friend of Poirot, invites the detective and his sidekick Hastings to her birthday party. During their stay at Stanwood Manor, our favourite duo learns that something about the family reunion is peculiar, and it doesn't take long until a body shows up. While Poirot and Hastings set out to investigate the case, Hastings realises that there's more to their friendship than he'd thought.
  • The Night Time Perambulations in Room Thirteen by Emyn Nant Nefydd - When Hastings accepted Charles' invite to a golf tourney, he had expected a little holiday, with maybe some clandestine meetings with his lover on the side. However, when a murder takes place, Hastings is torn between two different men, and has to decide where to put his faith...