Jill Bearup

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Name: Jill Bearup
Also Known As: Sursum Ursa
Occupation: YouTuber
Medium: YouTube
Works: Stuff You Like, History of Fanfiction
Official Website(s): YouTube
Fan Website(s):
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Jill Bearup is a YouTuber who primarily makes content about fight scenes in movies and TV. She is also familiar with fandom, having created multiple videos in the past about fandom and fanfiction in particular.


Bearup's content primarily focuses on analysis and discussion of fight scenes in movies and TV. She also created the series Stuff You Like, a series which reviews popular media. Perhaps her most relevant contribution to fandom is her series History of Fanfiction,[1] which covers (among other things) the history of copyright, the rise of fanzines, and various controversies that rocked media fandom in the mid-to-late 20th century.

She is a former member of internet reviewer site Channel Awesome, having left along with most of the site's talent during a mass exodus in 2018.


In September of 2017, Bearup made a post on her Tumblr blog about an incident which occurred at a public debate on the Gender Recognition Act.[2] In the post, Bearup characterizes transgender rights activists as fanatical and violent, repeating several talking points often found in the trans-exclusionary radical feminist (TERF) movement. This post was swiftly condemned by some of her fans,[3] and was later deleted.

In December of 2021, fellow YouTuber Tom Scott made a collaboration video with Bearup, which reignited the controversy over her transphobic past. This further sparked controversy over the nature of cancel culture, getting worse when Lindsay Ellis, herself the victim of online harassment campaigns, publicly encouraged Scott to take down the video.[4] In February 2022, Scott would take down the video.[5]