Jeremy Crawford

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Name: Jeremy Crawford
Also Known As: jeremycrawford2000
Occupation: troll
Medium: primarily Y!M
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Jeremy Crawford is the name or Internet pseudonym of an Internet entity often described as a troll. Some fans have speculated that "Jeremy Crawford" is a bot or that he is a collection of trolls all using the same same screen name.

Known for his demands for porn, his swearing, and his bulldog-like tenacity, he has been annoying fandom in some form or another for many, many years.

Many fans have been deeply disturbed by Crawford; others find him absolutely hilarious.

Livejournal Community

In 2006, during one of Jeremy's more active periods, the livejournal community jeremycrawford was formed to distribute information on his doings. The profile page contains a snapshot of his activities at the time:

The internet is full of many trolls, it's true, but few of them are quite as incomprehensibly bizarre as jeremycrawfordj2000. You might say that this community will only encourage him, but -- believe me -- he does just fine without any encouragement at all.

This community is here for the next zillion people who do a google blogsearch wondering who the !@#$%#^$@!$%! he is. Feel free to post amusing transcripts of him losing it at you, femslash of any characters he doesn't find hot, and Martha Kent/anyone who's NOT "a younger man".

His MO

By his own admission, Jeremy selects his victims via Yahoo Groups. He joins various fanfiction or fandom-oriented groups, goes through the member lists, and selects people to instant message. Because he frequently claims not to remember how he found a given person, those who encounter him are often concerned that he may be stalking them or that he may know more specific information about them, but his many years of identical behavior suggest that this is not the case.

His instant message conversations usually start with a greeting and the question "Do you write fanfiction?" or "Do you write slash?" Regardless of how the target responds, he usually proceeds to ask them to write smut about a specific pairing, often not of a type they have ever written or in a fandom they know. (Jeremy does find people through fandom mailing lists, but not usually of the fandoms he actually wants fic for...)

When annoyed, either by failing to elicit fic or by being called a troll, Jeremy swears copiously and terminates the conversation.

He has also been known to annoy people via e-mail. Caving in and writing him fic causes him to be even more persistent and annoying.

Favorite Pairings

In the past, he frequently asked for characters like Martha Kent or Samantha Carter paired with "a younger man". It has been speculated that he basically wants someone to write Gary Stu fics about him. [1] He is also fond of femslash, particularly of underage characters. He appears to like superhero fandoms and crime shows.

Some of Jeremy's requests are more unusual, like Buffy fic where "tara get's a human cock and has sex with joyce."[2]

Who is he really?

No one knows. Some fans have speculated that Crawford is a bot or that he is a collection of trolls keeping the same screen name alive. Others have speculated that he is mentally ill. It is unclear if Jeremy Crawford is his real name.

Screen names

Jeremy has had many screen names that include the names "jeremy" and "crawford". He is rumored to also have had others that are harder to trace back to the Jeremy Crawford name.

  • jeremycrawfordj2000 (circa 2004-2006)
  • jeremy.crawford27 (2010)
  • jeremy-crawford27 (2021)
  • jwc123 (2021-2023)

Timeline of Jeremy Sightings

  • mid-1990s: Jeremy requests disturbing Scully or Gillian Anderson fic. He is reported to various people and becomes quiet for a while.
  • 2004: Jeremy annoys Smallville writers.[3]
  • late 2005-2006: Jeremy goes through a period of high activity requesting Smallville, CSI, and Buffy fanfic.
  • summer 2010: A spate of Jeremy sightings is reported on the livejournal community.
  • spring 2013: jeremy.crawford27 sends messages through Heliopolis Adult Archive.
  • summer 2013: jeremy.crawford27 sends messages through Elysian Fields.[4]
  • spring 2014: jeremy.crawford27 sends direct yahoo email. My email is attached to both my Tumblr and my AO3 account and so assume it was harvested from one of these.
  • 24 June 2014: jeremy.crawford27 sends IM on requesting a "n-17" story involving Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and an 11 year old boy.
  • July 2014: jeremy.crawford27 sends PM on requesting a story for The Mummy.
  • 17 October 2014: jeremy.crawford27 sends PM on requesting a Buffy the Vampire Slayer story for "nc-17 fic buffy summers/hank summers or dawn/giles."
  • November 2015:jeremy.crawford27 sends message through AO3 and [5] asking for "nc-17 fic of emma/mary Margaret or may/sky" [6]
  • March 4, 2016: jeremy.crawford27 sends PM through asking "do you write het or slash and have you seen supergirl." (the recipient, user misslindalee, was unaware at the time of the reputation of this person, but figured "Jeremy" was a troll of some kind; later confirmed by Fanlore page)
  • April 4, 2016 - April 8, 2016: jeremy.crawford27 sends PM through asking questions about request fanfics and finally requesting an NC-17 fic pairing Martha Kent with a 15 year old male. When told I do not write underage smut, he called me a jerk and I blocked him
  • July 9, 2016: jeremy.crawford27 sends PM through requesting "nc-17 david/emma" fic to multiple Once Upon A Time fanfiction writers. When user bluestoplights told him no, he employed his now iconic "thank you for saying yes". [7]
  • February 24th 2019: jeremy.crawford27 sends PM through requesting fanfictions. If response is no replies with "Thank you for ruining my day, just like everyone else."
  • December 19, 2020: Reddit post "FFN Troll" shows he's active on FFN, requesting fic about meteorologists.
  • Mid 2023: you can find stories requested by Jeremy by googling the phrase "Requested by jwct123 via Email" also see this thread from 2021 about his resurgence with a new email address.


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