Laura Bailey

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Name: Laura Bailey
Also Known As:
Occupation: voice actor
Medium: anime, video games, YouTube, Twitch
Works: Critical Role, The Last of Us
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Laura Bailey is a voice actor, known for her portrayal of Vex'ahlia and Jester on Critical Role, as well as Abby on The Last of Us series. She is also known among American anime fans for her roles in many anime dubs, including Lust in both versions of FMA, Honda Tohru in Fruits Basket, and Maka Alburn in Soul Eater.

To celebrate episode 100th of Critical Role, Laura (along with the rest of the cast) dressed up as her character and starred in a live-action intro for the show.


Laura received some backlash and fandom hate after deciding her Critical Role character Vex'ahlia would steal a broom belonging to a guest players character portrayed by Chris Hardwick. It was the first major incident when Laura received such a vehement fandom backlash for something she had done in-game (since in the earliest days, it was Marisha Ray who was the biggest target of hate).


Since her spouse Travis Willingham voiced Roy Mustang in the dub of Fullmetal Alchemist (both versions), the voice actors themselves and their relationship was of some interest to fans of the series, especially fans who shipped Roy/Lust.