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Name: Jester
Occupation: member of The Mighty Nein
Relationships: Ruby of the Sea - mother
Fandom: Critical Role
Other: Played by Laura Bailey
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Jester is a fictional character played by Laura Bailey in Campaign 2 of a popular D&D web series Critical Role. The character originally appeared during 2 one-shots that aired outside of Critical Role[1][2]


Jester is the daughter of someone who strives to do her best while combating both occupational hazards and her own severe mental illness.

It meant that Jester’s world was very small and contained and probably, in Marion’s eyes, safe. And being safe is a number one priority for someone with extreme anxiety issues. Parents who care try to shield their children from pain, and what, from the point of view of someone dealing with extreme fear is more painful then being unsafe, being exposed?

So Marion is not only a person trying to cope with her bad brains, she’s also a famous artist, performer and sex worker. And in her domain, her four walls she has control over her environment, who is allowed to stay and leave, but it’s conditional. She has to be The Ruby Of The Sea, no matter what, even if she’s having bad fear issues.

Children model themselves after their parents, especially when that parent engages with them and loves them. Jester learned how to perform joy, to seal away fear and anger, and distress because her mother has to, to function on a professional level, if nothing else

Jester is very complex, shifting sands when it comes to emotional repression. Its hard for her to be honest about ‘negative’ feelings.[3]

One of the most widely known Jester cosplayers is Ginny Di

Jester ships include:

A lot of fan discussion around Jester centers on her relationship with The Traveler



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