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Name: Orion Acaba
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Occupation: Voice Actor
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Orion Acaba is a voice actor known for his work on Critical Role, where he played Tiberius Stormwind.



In 2015, Orion Acaba left[1] Critical Role amidst much fan speculation and fan theories, despite repeated requests from the cast that the critter community stop any negative speculation. His youtube post explaining his reasons for leaving [2], as well as his instagram post [3], have both been removed. In 2017, Matthew Mercer posted,

I am very happy that Orion has taken steps towards a healthier lifestyle and outlook, and genuinely wish him the best in his endeavors. That being said, and in hopes of ending the arguments and discussions within for both our sakes and his, there are no plans for Orion to ever return to Critical Role.[4]

In 2016, Acaba created some fannish content for his character, Tiberius Stormwind, and subsequently removed it from his channel. However, in 2018, Acaba began posting a radio play featuring Tiberius Stormwind and his family. Draconian Knights has been partially crowdfunded [5] through Kickstarter. Currently, the show has 13 episodes, and can be found on the voice actor's youtube channel.

Due to his behavior towards fans (and in general), Orion has been removed from the Reddit-based Critter community to the extent where Orion discussion outside of the context of his appearances on the show has been banned in Critical Role subreddit.

He has engaged in harassing and dangerous behavior publicly against both fans and colleagues including revealing the confidential personal information (doxxing) of one of his supporters. Other accusations levied against him include fraud or misappropriation of fan-provided funds on two separate occasions.[6]

That doesn't stop the fans openly discussing Orion's departure and his behavior in and outside of the show in the comments to the episodes posted on YouTube.


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