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Name: SungWon Cho
Also Known As: ProZD
Occupation: Voice actor
Medium: Various
Works: Various
Official Website(s): Official Youtube
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Fan Website(s): ProZD Wiki
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SungWon Cho, also known as ProZD in online spaces, is a professional voice actor, Let's Player, and variety Youtuber.

SungWon first rose to Internet prominence through voice acting posts and comics on Tumblr and posting skits on Vine. After the closure of Vine, SungWon moved to YouTube, where he continues to post a variety of content.

Many of Sungwon's skits and voiceover shorts parody specific works, fandoms, or fandom culture. Many of his skits are connected to one another or use reoccurring characters, such as King Dragon, which parodies video games, or Chairm Anime, which parodies anime and visual novels.

Outside of skits and comic dubs, SungWon also produces other fanworks, such as:

  • Reviewing board games
  • Ranking characters from various media
  • Covering songs using the voice of Goofy
  • Let's Play videos
  • Naming the primary cast of a work off the top of his head

Common fanworks inspired by SungWon's works are animatics, taking audio from his voice acting or live-action skits and pairing them with animatics of the original characters.

Example fanworks created by SungWon

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Other fanworks

Example fanworks based off SungWon's works



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