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Name: Lackadaisy
Creator: Tracy Butler
Date(s): July 19, 2006 - present
Medium: webcomic
Country of Origin: United States
External Links: Official website,
snapshot on The Internet Archive
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Lackadaisy is a historical fiction webcomic by Tracy Butler that began in 2006.


The comic follows the colorful cast of people associated with the ailing Lackadaisy Cafe (and speakeasy) in 1926 St. Louis as they try to reverse their business fortunes and compete with rival gangs.

Although all characters are drawn as anthropormorphic cats, the comic is very detailed in its historical portrayals, and in the page notes Butler will often explain historical slang and technology being depicted.

Fandom Overview

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In 2020, Lackadaisy hosted a successful kickstarter that raised over $300,000 to produce an animated short set in the universe. The project is still in development, with regular updates posted on youtube.[1]


if you’re into mystery/thrillers, prohibition era fiction, anthropomorphic kitties, awesome character development, and comics with lots of supplementary content to tide you over between updates…. go read lackadaisy.


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