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Name: Anime Music Videos .org (
Dates: December 4, 2000 - present
Type: Anime Music Video hub
Fandom: anime
Click here for related articles on Fanlore. is a website founded by AMV creator Kris McCormic (Phade) for AMV creators to list (and later host) their works and discuss the hobby with other creators.[1] It has since become the primary hub for the Anime Music Video community, with forums and how-to guides, as well as listings of over a hundred thousand AMVs for thousands of different anime.[2]

It is funded by donations from fans, and runs an annual pledge drive. Donors get access to additional features on the site.

Calendar maintains a calendar of AMV contests going back to 1995.


"The donation projection table shows 93% of members giving less than $100 for the year and more than 50% of members only reaching the lowest level [$12-24]. This also shows that nearly two-thirds of the total revenue coming from people who donate less than $100 for the entire year. This means that with less than 2000 members donating, the [goal] can be easily achieved with this distribution. More than 2000 members are expected to donate SOMETHING to the cause, even if it's only $1. All it takes is people actually donating, especially small donations."


On the main members page, offers statistics about the site. On Dec. 4, 2012, the numbers were:

Category Number
Members 881996
Videos 152850
Creators 51675
Direct DLs 11561
Indirect DLs 6821
Local DLs 93585[3]

This was a slight increase from three years earlier.[2]


Lists maintains lists of the most popular AMVs listed on the site, the most used anime series, etc.

Viewers' Choice Awards

The site also runs annual Viewers' Choice Awards. These are significant in that they are one of the few major AMV awards that is not attached to a specific anime convention, so voting is open to a much broader section of the AMV fan community.

Viewers' Choice Contest Winners[4]
Category 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
Best Action Video This Is DBZ Life Shameless Rock Video Eternal Damnation Toushi Phenomenon (Open Your Soul) Bladebeat Graffiti GitSP Falling Higher
Best Anime Introduction Odorikuruu
Best Character Profile Trigun - Eden *Remastered* Damaged Rei-mix The World She Knows Tsumibito no kashou Still Preoccupied with 1985 She's Just Oblivious Spoil Twilight
Best Collaborative/Multi-Editor Project AniMix - Full project AMV Hell 3: The Motion Picture Ayumix: D a y b r e a k AMV Hell 4: The Last One Memory Flash² Freedom, i can haz marzipan
Best Comedy Video Right Now Someone Is Reading This Title This Video Sucks I Wish I Was a Lesbian AMV Hell Still Preoccupied with 1985 Stop Watching Anime and Go Outside! AMV Technique Beat Clarissa
Best Dance Video Beboppin' Stop The Rock? Delirium FMA - Always Hardcore DANSU Feel the Mambo Shake THAT!!!
Best Dramatic Video Trigun - Eden *Remastered* Endure Euphoria Whisper Of The Beast Jihaku Fade To Blue Part of You, Shadow of Me Twilight
Best First Video Material Girl Tarzan and Su CHIHUAHUA! Greed vs. Envy Mustang and Hughes: The Friendship Test DANSU Colorful Dance The Conspiracy of Law
Best Fun Video Odorikuruu Play Excel! Play! I Wish I Was A Lesbian Alternate Eva Opening: Eva Bebop Still Preoccupied with 1985 Ordained From Above Feel the Mambo Attack Of The Otaku
Best Horror Video Faces of Death (Uncut Version) Come to Daddy (Bear Mix) Mitternacht The AMV Before Halloween Dead To The World (The Story Of The Antichrist) F.E.A.R. Condemned Memoir Macabre Serenade
Best Instrumental Video Souls of Rage and Sorrow Eternal Damnation Alternate Eva Opening: Eva Bebop Naruto's Technique Beat Ordained From Above In Aeternum Festival of Life
Best Lip-Synch Video Jinnai and the Bugrom LIVE! Sappy Self-Indulgence I Wish I Was A Lesbian Shounen Bushidou Quid Pro Quo Stop Watching Anime and Go Outside! Ballad Of The Mid Boss Be A Man
Best No-Effects Video Greed vs. Envy Waking Hour She's Just Oblivious Sunlight Festival of Life
Best Parody Video Right Now Someone Is Reading This Title Eva-Man It's Tricky to Make a Music Video Alternate Eva Opening: Eva Bebop Still Preoccupied with 1985 Hellø Fairy Plunder Propaganda Code: Ecchi
Best Romantic Video Video Girl Ai: The Fall A Thousand Miles Glory of Love Insomnia Waking Hour Reflections Our Innocence Paper Image
Best Sentimental Video Memories Dance A Thousand Miles Euphoria Images Jihaku Reflections Part of You, Shadow of Me Twilight
Best Trailer or Commercial Evangelion Trailer Eva-Man Grand Theft Bebop 2: Vice City The Narutrix Living in Sin Ordained From Above Chronicles of Ghibli Pirates of the One Piece
Best Use of Multiple Anime Reflections Magic Pad Auriga
Best Use of Visual Effects Odorikuruu Shameless Rock Video Euphoria Shounen Bushidou Naruto's Technique Beat Reflections Spoil Twilight
Creator of the Year AbsoluteDestiny VicBond007 suberunker silver_moon Nostromo_vx Nostromo_vx
Most Artistic Video Memories Dance Transcending Love Euphoria Whisper Of The Beast Jihaku Reflections Magic Pad Twilight
Most Helpful Member ErMaC AbsoluteDestiny AbsoluteDestiny VicBond007 Zarxrax dokidoki Brad dokidoki
Most Improved Creator mexicanjunior dwchang Tyler_yj Sierra Lorna silver_moon ScorpionP Nostromo_vx
Most Original/Innovative/Best Concept Failed Experiments in Video Editing Transcending Love, Shameless Rock Video Lollipops, Sunshine, and rrrRRRrrr AMV Hell The Wizard of Ozaka An Ode To Monkey AMVers - AKA DEWELOPERS AMV Technique Beat End
Rookie of the Year ErMaC Koopiskeva burntoast Bakadeshi Kisanzi Alex Daikou ScorpionP luggeriano
Video of the Year/Best Editing Odorikuruu, Right Now Someone Is Reading This Title Shameless Rock Video Euphoria Shounen Bushidou Jihaku Galaxy Bounce Magic Pad Auriga


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