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Video game fandom
NameAnimal Jam (Classic)
Release dateSeptember 9, 2010
Platform(s)Windows, MacOS
External link(s)Animal Jam
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Animal Jam Classic, released as Animal Jam, is a massive online multiplayer video game released in 2010 by WildWorks in collaboration with National Geographic. As of 2021, it is only available to play when downloaded, due to Adobe Flash shutting down. There are over 130 million registered users, with only 3.3 million remaining active in 2020.


The Animal Jam community is well-known for creepypasta, inappropriate in-game interactions between players, an extensive fan-made economy, and the YouTube community, which included such notable figures as Julian2, Wisteria Moon, GellyJones, Aparri, and Bepper, who were recognized by WildWorks as Animal Jam Ambassadors, or Jambassadors.

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