The Binding of Isaac

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NameThe Binding of Isaac
Developer(s)Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl
Release date2011
Platform(s)PC (Windows, Mac, Linux - except for Repentance), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation
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The Binding of Isaac is an indie-published roguelike video game, initially for Windows but later made playable for Mac and Linux. The game features biblical religious themes, extensive child abuse, and scatological imagery. The basic story is that Isaac's mom had a "vision from God" and decided to save Isaac from a life of sin by locking him in the basement with all the creepy-crawly things one might expect in a video game basement. Isaac's tears are (initially) his only weapon against the spiders, slime monsters, and hellbeasts that seek to kill him.

The combination of gross-cute graphics and the incredible variety in the game (there are hundreds of enemy monsters and power-up items, and the random layouts mean that no two games will ever be exactly the same) have inspired many players to create fanmods, either with their choice of game changes (making Isaac faster, tougher, or more likely to find desired items) like Godmode[1] or with fandom-themed mods - replacing the character images with BoI-style images of their favorite other fandom.


History and Controversies

Game Expansions

The Binding of Isaac has had several expansions. These have new rooms, items, monsters, and characters. They are played the same way as the original, although some include new mechanics. They include:

  • Wrath of the Lamb
  • The Binding of Isaac, Rebirth (Rebirth FAQ, describing changes and new features)
  • The Binding of Isaac, Afterbirth
  • Antibirth[2] (fan-made mod)
  • The Binding of Isaac, Afterbirth+
  • The Agony of Isaac (fan-made mod)
  • The Binding of Isaac, Repentance
  • Eternal Edition

Play Styles

Let's Plays

Speedruns and Competitions

Mods and Fanworks

Player-made mods are a common part of BoI gameplay, and since the game developer supported them (or at least, didn't try to repress them), they brought the game a much wider audience than it might've had without them.[3]

Fandom-themed Mods

Power-up Mods

  • Godmode
  • Extremely Overpowered Start
  • Skymod
  • Greed Mode Donation Machine Farm

Other Mods

  • External Item Descriptions
  • Pure Classic Music - brings back the music from the original while playing Rebirth or Afterbirth.
  • Eden's Barber Shop - new hairstyles for the Eden character

Additional Links

Reviews and Tutorials


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