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Web Series Fandom
Creator:Jreg, jREG
Premiere date:Aug 5, 2019
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Centricide is a Youtube webseries created by Jreg. It follows personified extreme political ideologies in their quest to destroy the center of the political spectrum.



Common Tropes and Genres

  • Angst - The main political ideologies actively express their desire to kill each other throughout the series. This desire coupled with their developing personal relationships over time is often a source of angst in fanworks.
  • Hurt/Comfort - Commonly focused on Anarcho-Communist, as a canonically Non-Binary character Ancom is a common focus of vent fics and gender dysphoria hurt/comfort.
  • Internalized Homophobia - focused primarily on right-wing characters and occasionally Communist grappling with their sexuality in light of their ideological homophobia.
  • Shockfic - the fandom, especially in its earlier days, attracted a number of "cursed fic."


The writing of certain characters, events and topics covered and often mocked by the series has been the subject of much discussion within the fandom. Ancom's gender identity being one example, the writing and often mocking of gender identity and neo-pronouns in canon has been the subject of much discussion and wank.

A significant community of fans was present on Twitter, called Jritter. Towards the beginning of summer 2021 several scandals and incidents took place that shook the jritter corner of the fandom. One of the most prominent took place in May or June of 2021. A prominent fanartist came forward with allegations of abuse by one of Jreg's frequent collaborators. The resulting controversy, as well as other scandals taking place around the same time, led to a mass exodus from the jritter community and fandom at large with many fans leaving by mid-summer 2021. While some moved on to Centricide communities on other platforms, for many fans, these events were the final straw.[1]

oh fuckkkk okay..... we'll make an undetailed list because talking about all of it will be a huge thing

cw for grooming, antisemitism, and racism

locke is exposed for grooming minors andreas/andy is exposed for saying the n-word, hard r, as a "joke" multiple times charlotte expresses antisemitic and antisinti (racism aimed at roma people) sentiment & proudly says she is a nazi. carsen bravely comes forward about his abusive relationship with nikolas cruiser a.k.a jreg's former editor

that's the four really BIG things that happened on jritter that eventually led to it dying and tbh.... good riddance

Ask Response on Tumblr by jrumblrconfessions

Realicide and Grej

Realicide was an animated fan parody of Centricide. While Centricide focused on the destruction of the centrists, Realicide sought to destroy 'realists.' The series attracted a dedicated fandom of its own and many recursive fanworks. In June of 2021 the creators announced their desire to remove themselves and Realicide from association with Jreg and his works. The project was cancelled later that month. The channel and its videos were deleted in September of 2021.[citation needed]

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  1. ^ I was there and a late member of this exodus.