Ben Drowned

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Name: Ben Drowned, Majora's Mask Creepypasta, Jadusable Saga
Abbreviation(s): N/A
Creator: Alexander "Jadusable" Hall
Date(s): 7th September 2010 -- 15th July 2011
Medium: ARG/multiple, creepypasta
Country of Origin: United States (??)
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Ben Drowned is a creepypasta and web-alternate reality game (ARG) that took place mostly during late 2010, famous for the words "YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE DONE THAT". It started out as a fanwork in itself of the sixth or so entry of the Legend of Zelda series, Majora's Mask: the original post on the 4chan /x/ board told the story of a game cartridge haunted by the ghost of a boy named Ben. It grew into a canon of its own, with a plot involving strange ascended entities, a cult dedicated to the moon, and a long series of bizarre disappearances.

Screenshot from the Ben Drowned Majora's Mask cartridge


Fairly few people actually witnessed the ARG unfolding, the majority of fans joining well after it was put into hiatus. After the Moon Children arc concluded, Jadusable announced the game over due to financial problems, but then continued it anyway.

In 2012, the real-life counterparts of the two protagonists, Jadusable and Ryukaki, fell out and Ryukaki's saga was retroactively removed. This split the fandom further as to what parts are and aren't canon.

Jadusable has stated the Hubris arc will be finished with a game called "Hubris Reveal" once he's finished his indie film project.

Major Characters

  • Jadusable: Buys the haunted cartridge which begins the story's events.
  • Ben/BEN: Represented by elegy statue, a kid who died in 2002, and whose soul was put into the haunted cartridge by ascension.
  • Ifrit: A member of the Moon Children who assists the characters and players.
  • Mr. D: The leader of the Moon Children.
  • Nekko: Important member of the Moon Children.
  • Duskworld23: Important member of the Moon Children.
  • Kelbris: The Moon Children's prophet, who spoke of how the world would be destroyed. He died by electrocution but still affects people. Represented by elephant man.
  • Ryukaki: Moves into the house when the old man moves out, and gets haunted by BEN and/or Kelbris as a result.
  • Rosa: Ifrit's sister, eerily predicts the future.
  • Alex: Represented by Link, can play songs to change the state of the game.

Important Places

Fandom Behaviours

Due to the confusing and inconclusive story of the canon, many fans like to write up detailed theories explaining what they think is going on. Common topics include the nature of ascension and the unsolved cipher in File 59.

Fanworks are spread across a wide variety of media. Some fanworks even take the format of the original and become ARGs in their own right.

Due to the bizarre nature of the cast and the fact that there are only two female characters in the entire game, both of which are missing, shipping is not very widespread. Ones that do show up occasionally are:

  • Jadusable/BEN
  • Ryukaki/his bike
  • Duskworld23/Ryukaki


  • Into The Void: A fan-ARG featuring a cult whose purpose is to cross "the void" to become reunited with their idol.
  • Voice: Another one, this time about a group of kids who are about to discover a malignant otherworldly force, but mysteriously vanish before they can work it out.
  • Kelbris: An Anthology. A really silly retelling of the story in comic format.
  • The Lulzworthy Chronicles. A satirical poke at the fandom which summarises it much better than this page does.
  • Khyaid. A rather ridiculous crossover with MLP:FiM, probably the first with Duskworld23/Ryukaki.
  • 423 Ohm: A group which made a series of covers of songs themed around the game.
  • The Orchard of Love. No one can escape Rule 34. NO ONE.