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Name: 4chan
Owner/Maintainer: Hiroyuki Nishimura, created by Christopher 'moot' Poole
Dates: 2003-present
Type: imageboard community
Fandom: Multifandom
URL: 4chan.org
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4chan is an extremely popular English-language imageboard community known for generating memes, "hacking" sites, its abrasive atmosphere, and its influence on the internet and politics. It was based on the Japanese site, 2chan.

Reposting artwork without credit is common on some boards. Furry was once banned site-wide, but is now allowed in the /trash/ board. There is a sfw My Little Pony board and others dedicated to Anime, Manga, Cosplay, Western Animation and Comics, Video Games and other fannish interests.


On April 1, 2005, a furry board was created. Three days later, anyone who had posted in it was banned. This is known as April Furs Day. This would later cause caution when a My Little Pony board was created in February 2012.[1]

4chan is the origin of the word "brony" and is credited with spreading the fandom.

Notable fanworks

Since its creation in 2003 4chan has been responsible for many fanworks varying in size to small pieces of fanart to author driven collaborative stories called quests, as created on the board /qst/. Due to the nature of 4chan's self deleting threads, many of these creations are currently hosted on off-site archives of in pdfs that are spread via word of mouth.

The /tv/ general known as /who/, or the Doctor Who General has produced a number of short to mid-length fics in collections titled "Shit Trips", these collections range in genre from comedy to smut and are connected by a framing device written by the trip called "GallifreyImmigrant", who has a AO3 account under the same name. Many anonymous users temporarily adopted pseuds for this collaboration.

/lit/ once self-published a short parody of the life of David Foster Wallace, a writer best known for the book Infinite Jest.

/co/ produces large amounts of fanart in daily drawthreads. These threads are primarily driven by anonymous requests.


4chan has a complex history and an even more complex culture, so new users are often overwhelmed and even frightened. Because 4chan users do not create accounts and instead post anonymously, certain boards on 4chan are very likely to contain potentially disturbing language and images. /b/ in particular, the "random" board, has a reputation for being vulgar and shocking. However, other boards are moderated to enforce strict rules, e.g. many of the boards are kept worksafe, and users who break those rules will find their IP addresses temporarily or permanently banned from accessing the site. Off-topic posts are not tolerated and may result in bans.


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