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Synonyms: pegasister
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A brony is an older fan (most often ages 18 - 34) of the children's cartoon My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and My Little Pony. Due to the presence of "bro" in the word, some maintain that the word brony only refers to male fans; others argue that it encompasses female fans as well.[1][2]. It remains a matter of personal choice. Nevertheless, the word "pegasister" is often used to refer to female fans in particular.[3] The term distinguishes the older following of MLP from the target audience of young girls.

Bronies contribute to their fandom in a large variety of creativity: fan art, fan fiction, fanvids including scratch-made fan animation, fan games, fan music etc.

Common misconceptions about bronies are:

  • All bronies are male, implying that there are no women in the fandom. (One out of seven bronies is female, not counting non-cis bronies.)
  • All bronies are adult. (Many bronies are teenagers.)
  • Bronies love all of My Little Pony. (Bronies came to exist as fans of the fourth generation's animated show only. Some still dislike the Equestria Girls spin-off, even more dislike Pony Life which actually counts as G4.5, and G4 merch has to be show-accurate for the bronies to like it. As for the older generations, many bronies downright despise everything that came before Friendship is Magic.)

The term is a combination of "bro" and "pony."

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