Bokura no Koushien! Pocket

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NameBokura no Koushien! Pocket
Developer(s)KAYAC Inc.
Release date2014-present
External link(s)Official site (Japanese), English site
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Bokura no Koushien! Pocket is a spinoff of the original Bokura no Koushien! It is a mobile game featuring chibi-style characters taking part in a high school baseball tournament. The game features frequent collaborations with sports anime and manga series. Crossovers have included Rookies, Battle Studies, Captain, and Mr. Fullswing. Characters from said series are unlockable during the crossovers, and sometimes inspire fanart from players, which is often retweeted on the game's official Twitter. The game has also done collaborations with Yatterman and River City Ransom/the Kunio-kun game series.