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Video game fandom
Developer(s)Extremely OK Games
Release date2018
Platform(s)Pico-8, Windows (Steam, Itch.io, Epic Games Store), Macintosh, XBox, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Playdate
External link(s)Website, Tumblr
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Celeste is a 2018 precision-platformer video game, originally released for the Pico-8 fantasy console computer three years prior[1], then subsequently, onto Windows, Macintosh, Nintendo Switch, XBox, Playstation (PS4, PS5), and more recently, on the Playdate hand-crank gaming console device (albeit by a different developer[2]), by Maddy Thorson (previously Matt) and Noel Berry. Along with its soundtrack, composed by Lena Raine, the game itself not only gained prominence in indie game history, but also sustained a diverse fan community up until the present day, a large majority of them being LGBTQ+ people.



Celeste has the player traverse platforms and dangers, as well as collecting strawberries as a useful sidequest, with jumping, dashing, and most of all, making use of both precision and environmental devices to land and grab onto hard-to-reach places. The levels themselves are subdivided into chapters, each occuring within a certain location on Mt. Celeste, and gradually increase in difficulty, in terms of the volume of its obstacles, as well as the location of the strawberries, both regular and winged.


Madeline leaves home amidst a gusty winter season in order to overcome her greatest fears and disappointments, through her momentous trek towards the peak of Celeste Mountain, a mysterious, towering natural, snow-covered landmass. Along the way upward, she encounters Theo, a fellow mountain climber, and Mr. Shiro, sole owner of the aforementioned Celestial Resort Hotel. It is also there that she encounters the personification of her false self, named Badeline, upon gazing onto a large mirror within another room. Initially fearful of this purple-haired evil persona, having to run and dash away from her antics, in later chapters, Madeline finally musters to reconcile both selves into one as she fully gains the confidence to reach the mountain's true peak[3].

In the DLC chapter, aptly titled Farewell, Madeline's story gets expanded a bit further, as well as the creator's double canon acknowledgement that they, as well as the main character, are indeed transgender[4], reflecting on her real-life journey going forward.


Fanfiction is primarily gen.

As of October 2023, there have been 95 total written fanworks on Ao3, with 54 of these being originals.

Speedrunning and Modding

Celeste by itself has a thriving speedrunning and modding community scene around it, the majority of which sought to offer their own take and challenges on the gameplay itself. On the modding side, among the most prominent mods so far is the massive 2020 Celeste Spring Community Collab[5], which in turn spawned some written fan works concerning some of its lobbies.

Fan Creations


Aural (Music)

Written (Fanfiction)

Fannish Links and Communities



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