Carole & Tuesday

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Name: Carole & Tuesday
Abbreviation(s): C&T
Creator: Shinichirō Watanabe
Date(s): April 10, 2019-present
Medium: anime
Country of Origin: Japan
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Carole & Tuesday is a 2019 sci-fi music anime focusing on the titular duo, Carole Stanley and Tuesday Simmons. The anime began airing weekly on April 10, 2019.

Canon Overview

Set in the future on a partially terraformed Mars, teenager Tuesday Simmons runs away from her posh lifestyle as the daughter of a politician and makes her way to the populous Alba City to pursue her dream of being a musician with just a suitcase and her Gibson acoustic guitar. On her first day in the city, she crosses paths with Carole Stanley, another aspiring musician who plays the piano, and the two decide to team up as a singer-songwriter duo under the name Carole & Tuesday.



Upon the announcement, fans have immediately taken to shipping the titular pair, and thus Carole/Tuesday became the juggernaut ship for the fandom.

The anime is praised by many viewers as positive representation, with Carole being POC and a canon instance of f/f in one episode.



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