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Name: Atlantis, BBC Atlantis
Creator: Johnny Capps, Julian Murphy, Howard Overman
Date(s): 28 September 2013 - 16 May 2015
Medium: Television
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
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Some Atlantis characters by welovemultifantasy
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BBC's Atlantis was a fantasy-adventure series aired in 2013, inspired by Greek mythology and created to fill the gap left behind by the TV show Merlin (TV series). It follows a young man, Jason, who takes a submarine down into the sea to investigate a disturbance that resulted in the disappearance of his father, and ends up being transported to Atlantis.


The show itself was heavily themed on Greek mythology and Greek historical figures. When Jason makes his first entrance into Atlantis, through a series of misadventures he ends up being sheltered by Pythagoras, a young triangle-obsessed intellectual, and Hercules, a faint-hearted ex-fighter. While battling legendary creatures, smiting gods and the machinations of King Minos, Pasiphae, Medea and others, the three men befriend other denizens of Atlantis, such as palace maid Medusa, father and son inventing duo Daedalus and Icarus, and the heir to the throne Ariadne. They also seek the help of the Oracle, who is the only one unsurprised by Jason's magical appearance.

Love interests are abound in this world too. Upon meeting Ariadne, Jason falls in love, and by the second series they are engaged, although Jason also finds himself tempted by Medea. Pythagoras finds himself a love interest in Daedelus' son Icarus, although their bond is tested when Icarus betrays them in order to have his father spared and released.


While the Merlin fandom easily outgrew rare fandom communities and challenges, such as Yuletide, Atlantis never enjoyed the same popularity. While the show received 5.6 million views for its first episode, some fans from Merlin saw Atlantis as a cheap knock-off, especially given the similar show format and the number of guest stars borrowed from Merlin.


Hi! I must say I was not really looking forward to the series, because word had spread that it looked a lot like Merlin. Well, the first 6 eps I saw, there were indeed similarities, which bothered me in a strange way. The cast plays well, especially Hercules. They have many figures from the mythology that you'll recognise: medusa, hercules, oedipus, etc. There are also a lot of familiar faces :guests that were also on Merlin. So, I've stopped following it now, being disappointed that they couldn't really make something entirely new... [1]


The cast just don't have the same chemistry as the Merlin one did and to me they're very self-consciously trying to repeat the success of Merlin - and it doesn't work. It's a lovely show to look at but the scripts let it down. It seems kind of manufactured to me. But of course ymmv so give it a go and see what you think. [2]

The fandom itself was mainly based on Tumblr, and AO3, although a number of fans posted fanmedia on their personal LiveJournals. The series also had a fairly substantial vidding community on Youtube.

Popular Ships

The most popular ship in the first series was Jason/Pythagoras, but the canonic recognition of Icarus/Pythagoras in the second series gave that ship a major boost. In het ships, Ariadne/Jason comes out on top, with Jason/Medea being a much less popular alternative. There is precious little femslash in the fandom, partially due to the non-interaction of female characters in canon, but Ariadne is a common participant in such ships, for example Korinna/Ariadne, Ariadne/Medea and Ariadne/Medusa.



Square End by AislinCeivun - With the lingering effects of Hekate’s curse still sticking around, Jason and Pythagoras find themselves in a situation where closing their eyes against their mutual attraction is no longer an option. (Jason/Pythagoras)

Talk Triangles To Me by per_mare_ad_astra - or 'How To Seduce An Oblivious Mathematician With An Arsenal Of Ridiculously Shitty Pick Up Lines'. (Jason/Pythagoras)

The Last Ten Years by ariadne_dionysia - The last thing Pythagoras thought he would have in the world was love. After being exiled from Samos for the murder of his father, Pythagoras came to Atlantis with the hopes of starting over. But when Pythagoras is taken in by one of the greatest inventors in Atlantis, he finds the thing he never thought he would have again: a family. (Pythagoras/Jason)

I care, even if you don't by MermaidOdair - The reason Jason keeps risking his life (taking the sub down, taking the black stone…) is that he's already dying (of cancer or something). Prompt from the BBC Atlantis Bucket List. Ariadne is worried about the reason behind Jason's recklessness. (Ariadne/Jason)

Blind Kindness by Cân Cennau - Medusa receives an unexpected visitor, bearing unexpected gifts. (Ariadne/Medusa)

Where The Wind Blows by Yassandra - Change is coming to Atlantis. Old alliances will be broken and new friendships formed. For better or worse an east wind is blowing... (Gen)


Pythagoras & Icarus (+Atlantis finale) ! Hymn for the missing by The_Fandom_Explorer

Ariadne and Medea ! Bad bones by xBroken Crown

Atlantis Fanvids - playlist collated by The_Fandom_Explorer


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