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Developer(s)Supergiant Games
Publisher(s)Warner Bros. Interactive
Supergiant Games
Reveal dateSeptember 2010
Release dateJuly 20th, 2011
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows
Mac OS X
Xbox 360
Xbox One
PlayStation 4
PlayStation Vita
Nintendo Switch
External link(s)Official website
Bastion art by SloorpWorld, 2012
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Bastion is a role-playing action game created by indie developer Supergiant Games with a large narrative component. It is known for it's distinctive music and narrator, and particularly how the narration responds to player actions.


The game centres on the Kid, a silent protagonist who must navigate the remains of the his world after "the Calamity" and find the Cores to repair the Bastion and escape to safer locales. His actions are described by the narrator, Ruck, another survivor of the Calamity. Along the way, the Kid meets other survivors and uncovers the history of his world and events that led to the Calamity.


  • The Kid -- the player character and silent protagonist. Not much background info is given about the Kid, but he has a past as a bit of a fighter and miscreant, and he is familiar with weapons and has a history of fighting.
  • Rucks -- the narrator, an older man from Caelondia just like the Kid. He remains at the Bastion for the duration of the game but explains the Kid's actions and provides background exposition about the world.
  • Zia -- a survivor and ethnic Ura who was raised in Caelondia
  • Zulf -- a survivor and ambassador from the Ura to Caelondia


The player controls the Kid moving through a floating, planar environment. Paths drop into place as the player moves through the environment, and enemies also appear. The Kid must collect cores, health potions, weapons and other gaming boosts, some of which are dropped by defeated enemies and some of which are found by searching through the environment. There's a variety of different aesthetics, from swamps to jungles to ruined cityscapes. In addition to clearing levels, a big part of the game is restoring cores to the Bastion, which also funtions as a shop to buy extra supplies, upgrade weapons, and explore story elements by interacting with survivor NPCs.


The game had strong sales and critical acclaim.

The music, composed by Daren Korb, reached popularity beyond players of the game itself and recieved numerous fan covers.

Since some of the other Supergiant games have much larger fandoms (particularly Hades), a lot of fanart features crossovers and characters from those games.

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