Better Off Ted

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Name: Better Off Ted
Abbreviation(s): BOT
Creator: Victor Fresco
Date(s): 18 March 2009 – 26 January 2010
Medium: Live-action television series
Country of Origin: USA
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Better Off Ted is an American TV show focusing on the (fictional) multinational Veridian Dynamics and narrated by its titular character, Ted Crisp. The show is a workplace satire with some minor development of Ted's personal life, particular of his parental role to his young daughter, Rose, and his tentative romantic involvement with co-worker Linda. Ted is the supervisor of the company's Research and Development department, and two of his scientists, Lem and Phil, are major characters, as is his boss Veronica. Ted breaks the fourth wall by speaking directly to the audience and much of the show's tension comes from his having to carry out unethical activities at work while wrestling with his conscience and his fatherhood, as well as trying to satisfy the corporation's demands while trying to treat his staff humanely.

The show received support from critics but struggled with low ratings and a lack of promotion. It ran for two abbreviated seasons on the U.S. ABC network, and was cancelled with two episodes still unaired.


As might be expected from a poorly rated comedy, the fandom for the show remained small during its run and since its cancellation. The number of fanworks for the series is even smaller and there is no predominant character pairing. Works are fairly evenly divided among het, slash, and femslash.

Example Fanworks

  • Finite Simple Group (of Order Two) by thingswithwings. Vidder's notes: "Seriously, I watched my first episode of this show less than two weeks ago. I feel kind of guilty about having made this (I know I know), because I am supposed to be writing, not vidding! Or, if vidding, I am supposed to be vidding Srs Project That Is Srs. Ah well. Apparently I loved these two so much that I had to IMMEDIATELY do something about it. And thus: LEM/PHIL! This is a Lem/Phil vid. With Lem! And Phil! Lem and Phil, and their Lem/Phil relationship, are the focus of this vid."

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