Ava's Demon

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Name: Ava's Demon
Abbreviation(s): AD
Creator: Michelle Czajkowski
Date(s): 2012–present
Medium: web
Country of Origin:
External Links: avasdemon.com
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Ava's Demon is a webcomic.





The creator of the webcomic drew a NSFW-but-not-especially-sexual pic of one of her characters:


Part of her fandom were angry about this, due to the fact that the character is underage, and started sending her angry and accusatory messages on Tumblr about it. The creator was really upset by all the messages she got, and in response posted a more sexualized pic of the same character (aged up, apparently):


(This was also part of a series of paintings she was doing of all her cast; however, the previous picture, which featured a topless male character, didn't generate any particular pushback from her fandom.)

Tumblr fandom got really upset about the creation of this picture: the creator got harassed off of Tumblr due to accusations of pedophilia, had her DeviantArt account suspended thanks to the numerous reports the picture got, and IIRC her site even got DDoS'd for a pretty long time. Eventually some of the more reasonable parts of fandom started pushing back against the harassment going on, but by then there was so much ragey momentum gained that it didn't really help all that much.[1]

Upon discovering that the exclusive nsfw art from the Patreon had been leaked, Czajkowski posted to Patreon offering a $500 reward to anyone who could provide the IP address of the leaker so that they could be blocked. This offer was described by many as a "bounty." It seems that Czajkowski did not succeed in finding and blocking the culprit, and was apparently scammed by someone who offered a random IP address to get the reward money.

One of the most vocal critics has since apologized in an open letter.

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