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RPF Fandom
Name(s): Bon Appétit Test Kitchen RPF
Scope/Focus: It's Alive with Brad, Gourmet Makes, Bon Appétit’s Baking School, It's Alive: Going Places, Making Perfect, Back-to-Back Chef, Reverse Engineering
See also: Category:Chef RPF
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Bon Appétit Test Kitchen RPF focuses on the chefs and staff featured in the test kitchen videos on the Bon Appétit YouTube channel. This includes people such as Claire Saffitz, Brad Leone, Carla Lalli Music, Chris Morroco, and more.

It has led to the creation of a number of fanworks. A significant portion of the fanfic created in this contemporary RPF fandom is locked to archive users, presumably in an attempt to preserve The Fourth Wall.

The series has also become a setting for AUs in other fandoms.


Interest in the fandom was highest around 2019/2020, driven in large part by the popularity of relatably long-suffering Claire Saffitz's video series, "Gourmet Makes."

In 2019, the hashtag #IWDFCFTBATK -- I Would Die For Claire From the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen -- became popular thanks to a Youtube fan video.[1] A number of memes were also popular on Tumblr.[2]

Over the summer of 2020, however, a series of exposés about the culture of structural racism at Condé Nast, Bon Appétit's parent company, came out in the news media, putting a damper on many fans' enthusiasm.[3][4][5]

Following these revelations, a number of cast members left the company to pursue solo opportunities or join other companies, and the camaraderie of the ensemble cast, which had attracted many fans in the first place, was lost.


It is perhaps worth noting that the structural issues at work in the real-life Test Kitchen were reproduced in the fandom, as most fanfic revolves around three white cast members.


As of October 2021, on AO3, 190 works used the fandom's tag.

The most popular ships in the fandom were mostly het:

  • Brad Leone/Claire Saffitz, Brad Leone & Claire Saffitz
  • Alex Delany/Claire Saffitz

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