Angel Beats!

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Name: Angel Beats!
Creator: Key
Date(s): 2010
Medium: visual novel, anime, light novel, manga, OVA
Country of Origin: Japan
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You may be looking for the doujinshi Angel Beats.


Angel Beats! is an anime series developed by Key animation studios. It uses the concept of purgatory, stylised in the form of a standard high school. Main character Otonashi Yuzuru has just woken up there, and gets convinced by the eccentric yet charming Nakamura Yuri to fight against a girl known as Angel.

The anime was later adapted into a visual novel game and manga.


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There is a fairly damaging plothole towards the end of the series, where Angel reveals to Otonashi that she was the recipient of his heart that he had donated posthumously, and hearing it beat again was what spurred the memories of his past life.

However, while this is all very cute and romantic, it raises the question;

If Angel received Otonashi's heart after he died, how did she arrive in purgatory before him?

Many plotholes can easily be ignored if their impact isn't huge. But this one snaps the entire storyline in half.