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For the Jujutsu Kaisen zine, see Bright Eyes: A GoYuu Zine.
RPF Fandom
Name(s): Bright Eyes
Scope/Focus: Conor Oberst and related musicians
Date(s): 1995–2011, 2020–present
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Bright Eyes is an American indie rock/emo band founded in the late nineties, originally as a solo project of singer-songwriter and guitarist Conor Oberst.[1]

Bright Eyes RPF is primarily slash pairing Conor Oberst with a variety of musicians broadly associated with bandom.

Fanworks were most common in the early and mid 2000s on sites such as LiveJournal and Fandomination, which had a Bright Eyes category with 99 fics as of 2007.[2] On Archive of Our Own, there are only 18 Bright Eyes works as of 2023, with the most common pairing Conor Oberst/Reader.

One popular ship is Conor and fellow Omaha musician and ex-bandmate Tim Kasher, who also played on several Bright Eyes records. The Conor Oberst/Tim Kasher pairing was featured in a Survival of the Hottest RP 'Ship 2009 poll at rp_manifesto (a short-lived offshoot of ship_manifesto), but lost to Trent Reznor/Danny Lohner (Nine Inch Nails).[3]

There is also some het fanfiction pairing Conor with Winona Ryder and Phoebe Bridgers, both of whom have had rumored romantic links to him in real life.[4][5]

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